What is Star in 10?

The Star in 10 is unlike your AVERAGE run of the mill cleanse and is GREAT for beginners. Eat nourishing whole foods while detoxing WITHOUT going hungry! The program consists of a 10 day detox + MOTIVATIONAL emails to keep your going throughout the program.

Star in Ten Results

star in 10 results

What are the Benefits of Detoxing?

  • Jumpstart HEALTHY Habits
  • Increase ENERGY
  • Cleanse the TOUNGE + Mind/Body Interaction
  • Banish those SUGAR, CARB + Processed Foods Cravings
  • Feel Confident in a SLIMMER physique
  • GLOW with a CLEAR complexion
  • Be HAPPY + feel GREAT about yourself
  • Enjoy restful SLEEP
  • Move those TOXINS out of your BODY

I personally use the Star in 10 Challenge when I need to be in TIP TOP shape….

Courtney Bentley

What is included in the Star in 10 Program?

  • 10 DAY MEAL PLAN (effortless + EASY) with THROW TOGETHER, HEALTHY EASY recipes
  • Motivational support throughout the entire program
  • Printable Grocery List with exact numbers of what you need during the 10 days
  • TIPS + Tricks I have used + given to my clients + use to get myself in TIP TOP SHAPE
  • A Grocery List with MEAL + SNACK ideas for LONG term success given at the end of the program

Star in 10 PROGRESS


Who would benefit from Star in 10?

  • YOU, looking to get healthy, start a new lifestyle and learn how to get HEALTHY with an easy to follow meal plan, grocery list and recipes!
  • Brides, Bridemaids and those looking to SHINE at a special event
  • Reunion coming up? Want to look BANGING in the LBD? Star in 10 is FOR YOU!


Upcoming event? Bikini Party? Photoshoot? Reunion? Get Back at Your Ex-boyfriend? Ready to JUMPSTART your healthy lifestyle?


Let’s get STAR-TED!

Star in 10 Testimonials:

I love this cleanse and do it before EVERY event or summer time bikini party. I love the simplicity of this detox and use these recipes as my “go to ” whenever I need an easy meal that I know is good for me. I had total energy during the 10 days and have recommended it to all my friends who love it as well! The first time I did this cleanse I lost 7 lbs. with ease and Courtney’s support made it even easier. Thanks CourtStar. – Tiffany Selby

I eat pretty well but needed a guided challenge in order to make changes to my normal diet and routine. Courtney recommended her Star in 10 to help kickstart me into new habits and a better lifestyle. With her tips and tricks, I was able to change my ways and lost a few pounds in the process. The tips Courtney has are INVALUABLE, she really makes it easy to live the “Star Life.”- Monica Toth


Courtney trained me online for 8 weeks and jumpstarted me with her Star in 10! She doesn’t give you some generic workout/diet plan but tailors everything to YOUR life. I went on vacation, went out to eat, and had friends visit and still lost 13 inches. Courtney is positive, motivating and truly believes in helping people become their healthiest and fittest possible selves – I would (and do) recommend her to anyone! -Susie Gonzalez

A SIMPLE way to get back on a HEALTHY TRACK..

I have followed Star Systemz from the beginning and support Courtney’s passion for helping others become more healthy & active. When the 10 day cleanse was published I immediately was interested. Over the past year I gained 25 lbs. after being diagnosed with anorexia. The 25 lbs. allowed my body to start functioning properly again (started my period after not having one for over 3 years). With the benefits my body received from the added pounds my mind & heart was not happy with how I fit into cloths or looked in the mirror. I have been trying to lose 10 lbs. for months and nothing was happening. I needed a simple way to get back on a HEALTHY track, not starve myself or deprive my body from what it needs to function. The STAR in 10 was exactly what I was search for. I was SO happy with the program and everything that Courtney provided during and after the 10 days. She was quick to respond to messages and encourages healthy tips to stay on track. The cleanse has allowed me to stop eating a ton of fruit, eliminate my sugar cravings, moderation and portion control, and no more night time snacking (when you buy the cleanse you will learn tricks to help). Since the cleanse I have continued to follow the plan with minor additions and am currently 4 lbs. away from my goal. The Star in 10 is worth every penny and you will not regret it. You not only lose weight but feel better and have tons of energy. *Thank you Courtney for creating an amazing program that many will benefit from.- Ashlee Proud-Moreno

I want, I need, I have to have it..

10 day Weight Loss