Hi I’m Courtney Bentley

Most clients struggle to earn an income with their passion my process eliminates complications so you can attract soulmate clients, earn a living and look fabulous while doing it!

I Help You to Align Spirituality and Strategy

Imagine having a business that is intuitively connected and aligned to you and that attracted your soul mate clients!

I will teach you how!

About Courtney Bentley


I believe that all women have dreams and that every woman deserves to be fit, feel fierce and look fabulous without apology. As someone who is a recovered self-hater, I ultimately learned to love myself through movement, nourishing my body and connecting with my soul at a higher level. My mission in life is to inspire women to practice self-love while reaching for and achieving their big goals in life and be bold and take action to live their best life!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential.


You are dreaming of a business that aligns with you and attracts your dream clients but feel stuck! I will teach you the power of connecting to your intuition and unlocking the key to a FIERCE and FABULOUS Business! Are you ready?

Are you Attracting Soulmate Clients with Ease?


Are you wanting to Host Workshops and Events?


Do you dream of having a SUCCESSFULLY Aligned Business?


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