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Fit and Fabulous Challenge

I’m Courtney and I have a feeling you and I are going to get along just fine.

You made your way and clicked the Challenge button because you want to make changes this year. You want to let go of the holiday feasts and start feeling GOOD in your body again. You want to zip up your skinny jeans without have a tug of war dance every morning, you want to smile as you walk out the door and you want to live a Fit and Fabulous life!

I spent years on diets and doing whatever celebrities were doing to lose weight..I was stuck in the cycle..

  • It wasn’t until I made the decision to eat better and move more not just for weight loss but for my health that I started to see my waist slim, my legs curve and my arms get defined. It was the choices I made to better myself that created the body I am proud to show off today!
  • I created a challenge using the exact formula I use to be Fit and Fabulous ALL YEAR ROUND. Not only is this super cool challenge a workout and meal plan, it’s a plan that will help you change the way you think about yourself, it will help you understand why you need to make better choices and it will instill this into your lifestyle so the results you experience are forever!

Start the Fit and Fabulous 30 day challenge and get going on your journey, feel 100% confident AGAIN, feel that LOVE for your body + have an ABUNDANCE of ENERGY! 

30 Day Online Challenge


  • I wanted to create a program that WORKS for you and is not impossible to do, these workouts were created for beginners with videos to explain each and every exercise.
  • I wanted to tap into the WHY and WHAT of each challenger. We all know what we need to do to get fit but WHY have we not taken the steps, what excuses are we making..this type of stuff, so I included a MIND workbook to get you to clear out the excuses and start making MOVES towards a HEALTHIER and HOTTER YOU.
  • I wanted to create COMMUNITY because we all know how important it is to have social support. With family and friends who might not be on board it will be nice to reach out to someone who gets exactly what you are going through and is with you during the program. Virtual High Fives, Hugs and Connections is what the group is about!

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  • I wanted to create something that I could manage and not just throw out an ebook with a fabulous plan that 8% of the ladies could understand and complete. I want to coach you, I want to be there for you. I want you to feel comfortable to email me and not feel like I am bombarded with 3,000 emails when you have a question. And I am going to be there every step of the way literally!

30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

what is included

  • A Workout Plan for 30 days that requires you to commit to 3 to 4 days a week. I even found a FREE APP that allows you to have me as your trainer and allows you to be able to do you workout WHENEVER you want without worrying about scheduling or conflicts that may get in the way. That way there is NO questioning if you are doing the movement correctly or what muscles should be felt. (WOULD COST YOU: $100.00 for a 1 month plan)


  • A daily email series of motivational soul reaching quotes and messages that will remind you to kick your butt into gear every single DAY! (WOULD COST YOU: $30.00 for motivational support)
  • A 30 day meal plan that is SIMPLE, EASY, TASTY and will get you to your goals. This meal plan includes recipes and a plan to follow! (WOULD COST YOU: $100.00 for a 1 month plan)

Easy Meal Plan for Weight Loss

  • A guide that explains everything including what to do and explanations of cardio, list of macronutrients, supplements, mind/body worksheets and how to continue on after the 30 days are up. (CAN COST UPWARDS OF: $79.00)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group because we all know we need a little #girlPOWER in the mix.
  • Access to ME, this is what really seals the deal. Many programs out there do not include access to the person who created it or they leave you with “google it,” or someone from the group answers the question..this is not my program. I will have office hours using Skype if you need a pep talk (welcome back to school), you will get access to me via email if you need to change something in the program to suit you and  because no one is at the same level and some of us have allergies #dairyfreeforme! (I charge $75.00 for a 1 hour consultation and you can contact me whenever you want at no addition charge during the month of the challenge)


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How to Lose Weight Quickly

Testimonial for Weight Loss Program


You get all of this which would normally cost you upwards of $609.00 all for only $99.00 


  • The Program TEACHES you how to workout so that you can workout on your own and NEVER need to hire a personal trainer which means you save some SERIOUS CASH!
  • You will LEARN exactly what nutrients to eat and WHEN and have a recipe book filled with over 75++ healthy and DELICIOUS recipes to use FOREVER!
  • In 30 days we are going to get you ORGANIZED for success, these skills can be USED ANYWHERE IN LIFE , think finances, career, thing BIG because with these skills I am going to hand off to you, the world is your OYSTER!


So what is stopping you from changing your lifestyle?

Ready to Get Fit and Fabulous in 30 days?