Sweet Basil Seeds

As you know I am going through some RE BRANDING fun and whenever I get stressed I tend to give sweets a second thought or sometimes that second glass of wine. Instead of nibbling away all day long, I have found my cure all appetite suppressor + if you can believe it, it costs less then 50 cents US/15 B for a month’s supply. O yah, it is also ALL NATURAL, VEGAN, RAW, PALEO + all of the “diets” you may be.. friendly 🙂


For those of you who have never heard of Sweet Basil Seeds aka my BFF, you need to get on the train because I have a feeling they will become the next Chia Seed. Before Chia Seeds were popular you could pick them up fairly inexpensive everywhere but now they cost 3 times as much because of the hype around them. Sweet Basil Seeds are the “same same” when it comes to health benefits, are tasteless + produce the same jelly-like texture as Chia Seeds.

My Fav Recipe ♥

♥1 Cup Warm Green Tea

♥1 tsp. Sweet Basil Seeds

♥5-6 Strawberries

Basil Seeds: Asian Weight Loss Secret


SO I wanna know..

  • Are you a seed lover?
  • Will you start to incorporate seeds into your daily diet?

Expand the Love xx. C