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Fit Friends Friday is not just about grabbing a gal pal + making an appointment for a sweat sesh! You can also pick a healthy joint to dine out at or hit up a grocery store or farmers market together. Make no mistake, working out with a friend is a great time but sometimes a sweat session is not in order and catching up over a lean healthy meal is a better choice!

Feed Me…

I love eating out, trying new restaurants + new flavors. This not only makes getting out of the house exciting, but keeps me inspired in the kitchen! For the past year, I have been making my way through West Hollywood and taste testing some of the best food I have had in a LONG time. With juice bars popping up on every corner + organic farm fresh becoming the norm, it has been fun exploring all of the food around where I live.



Location: 8401 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90069 + 12851 Riverside Drive, Studio City CA 91607

Hours: M-F: 7:30 AM-10 PM Sat + Sun: 8 AM-10 PM

My all time favorite restaurant near me is Hugo’s. I could literally eat here daily, no joke, they have my favorite tea, GINGER + a veggie burger to DIE for. One of the top reasons the beast + I dine at Hugo’s is they strive to use organic, farm fresh meats, veggies and fruits. Not only do they keep clean, they have STEVIA on the table (SOLD!) + a HUGE selection of teas (BONUS!).


Hugo’s just does it for me, whether I am feeling naughty and craving a turkey burger with fried plantains or sticking to my favorite vegan hummus avocado wrap there is something for everyone and anyone no matter their dietary restrictions.


Cafe Gratitude

Location: 639 Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90004

Hours: M-Sunday 8 AM-10 PM

Vegan Food in LA

With a list of entrees with names like “I am Adventurous” + “I am Magical”, Cafe Gratitude tops the Raw Food Restaurant Chain. The food here is BEYOND genius, I am talking RAW RICE KRISPY TREATS + RAW ENCHILADAS that taste better than the REAL DEAL. If you are in LA visiting, dine at Cafe Gratitude for lunch. I recommend starting off with a Digestive Shot + ordering an array of appetizers (“I Am Present” was my personal fav), + a few entrees + all of the desserts (NOT KIDDING). Dining at Cafe Gratitude is like being in a peaceful + positive bubble of happiness. I had never dined in an experience like this before and did not want to leave.

Organic food in los angeles

cafe gratitude

Urth Caffe

Locations: ALL OVER: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Downtown LA, Santa Monica

Hours: Check WEBSITE <–Click HERE

Urth Caffe Melrose

The atmosphere at Urth Caffe is what makes it special to me. I love sitting outside, lunching, chatting and watching all the fashionistas gather together to enjoy organic coffee’s + teas. Urth Caffe is a great spot to enjoy an afternoon latte and a vegan cookie or even just meet with a pal to enjoy the summer time breeze. Food here ranges from ultra healthy to a healthier organic version of your favorite cheeseburger.

Urth Caffee

Beverly Hills Juice Bar

Location: 8382 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90048

Hours: M-F: 7 AM-7 PM Sat: 9 AM-7 PM Sunday: Closed

beverly hills juice bar

Beverly Hills Juice Bar has been around since 1975, the original Juice Spot before they all started sprouting like Starbucks on every corner. I appreciate Bev Hills Juice for its originality + use of a Cold Pressed Juicer. I recommend picking out a green juice + adding a banana + cacao nibs to the blend. I attempted to make this concoction at home with much success but nothing is like the REAL DEAL. This spot is hidden and you may stand in line for 15 minutes, but I promise it is WORTH it! The only CON is the hours this place is OPEN, there have been nights where a juice would have made a great dinner but with traffic and a 7 PM closing time it has been difficult to make that happen. I suggest you pit stop before a yoga session on a Saturday Morning! Make sure to bring CASH as that is all they accept as payment.

West Hollywood Juice Bar


Location: 8180 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046

Hours: M-Sat: 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Sunday: 10 AM-5 PM

Liquid Juice Bar

Another one of my LA must visit is Liquid Juice on Melrose. The combinations are beyond your average smoothie bar with choices like hemp hearts, maca + cacao nibs a super food sweetheart may have found her life long addiction. I get something different every time I go, you can get REALLY creative here, I mean SUPER DUPER (think Berrylicious, Almond Butter, Algae + a shot of E3LIVE) creative! I also like the fact you can add an E3 Shot to any smoothie and the fact you can bring your four-legged friend with you 🙂

Liquid Juice Bar

I am sad to leave my explorations behind + you can probably catch me dining at Hugo’s twice a day with various friends saying GOODBYE 🙁 It has been difficult for me to gather those moments and know that they are a REALITY. My world has become a bit of a BLUR of goodbyes, tears + LOOONNG hugs. I know I will be back in a year, and that year will go by so FAST I will not know where those 365 days went but at the same time knowing I will be on the other side of the world makes it hard for friends + family to come and visit! Thank goodness for Skype 🙂

Join me + my friends for a FIT FRIENDS DATE:

Fit Friends

Lucie @ SwissFitChick  rocked a GRIT class with some friends!


What are you doing with a friend this weekend? I know how easy it is to just go whine over coffee, but get OUTSIDE, try a YOGA class, get a MASSAGE together all ways to be FIT, HEALTHY + WELL!

Spread the Wellness..

What being a #FITFRIEND means


Being a #FITFRIEND means UPLIFTING, SUPPORTING + MOTIVATING a friend to get FIT with you. It’s about connecting or re-connecting with a friend on ANOTHER level. It’s about having FUN + challenging your friends and yourself to a new level. In the blogging community we share recipes, fun activities,  workouts + our tips to be well but sharing these tips, advice + especially adventures with friends outside of the community is a positive way for our world to become a HEALTHIER one.

RESEARCH proves having someone to hold you accountable is one of the biggest tools for SUCCESS in your health + wellness journey! Sharing ideas, workouts + recipes with a friend or even INSPIRING them to get on the HEALTH train is motivating to BOTH of you! Call/Text/Email a friend, an old friend, sister, Mom, cousin, Aunt or just ANYONE + make a FIT DATE! You can meet for a juice, a HIKE, a yoga class, a dance class (possibilities are ENDLESS)…

Time to feel the HEALTH buzz TOGETHER..


As a personal trainer, I have had many clients want to bring along a sister, cousin who’s in town for the weekend, mom or friend and I always say YES because all of a sudden my client WORKS hard, stops complaining + ENJOYS the moment and I see them encouraging their counterpart for the day to do the same. It is such a beautiful thing to watch other women motivate other women!


Want to JOIN in + Share your ADVENTURES?

Sharing your adventures will inspire others to do the same + who doesn’t like pictures of friends having fun BEING HEALTHY + WELL + FABULOUS? I would LOVE to see your photos and read your story on your BLOG of your #fitfriends day! I will also added a LINK UP area after each one of my FIT FRIEND FRIDAY posts, so we can INSPIRE each other + share our stories! This can change LIVES + inspire other women to get on the BANDWAGON!



Activities for example can be: trying a new juice bar, taking a Cardio Barre Class together, eating at a raw vegan joint, taking a hike or even just going to the gym together (the possibilities are ENDLESS) and create a  Fit Friends Friday post to link up on any and hopefully EVERY Friday that you choose.

INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY for those of you who do not have a blog and I will share these photos the next week!

Be sure to add YOUR BLOG POST LINK to the FIT FRIENDS FRIDAY Link Panel Below:



My goal in this is to CHANGE 1,000 LIVES, help me out and motivate your friends, it truly is the best feeling! Share your story or tag #FITFRIENDSFRIDAY and I will share your photos next week!

So I wanna know..

  • What is your favorite organic/health conscious restaurant?
  • If you could make a healthier version of a food, what food would it be?
  • What is your favorite restaurant?
  • Have you entered in to win a ROAM WELLNESS PAK + STAR in 10 CHALLENGE??

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