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Having Courtney as my fitness coach has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only is my body a lot stronger, my mind is a lot stronger as well. She has taught me so many things about good nutrition, I feel as though my body is functioning more optimally. She always has a bright, upbeat personality and no matter what she  is always positive and never overbearing. The best part is, she is always there for me when I need her advice. Courtney is an excellent fitness, nutrition, and motivational coach. She has changed my life in so many ways, I am truly thankful she is now a part of it!- Angie Belttrean Las Vegas NV

Courtney’s coaching really changed me. My biggest struggle has not been working out, it has been food. I am an emotional eater and for years, I’d hire a coach, lose weight then gain it back because all I was ever doing was dieting. When I started working with Courtney, she taught me how to get the phrase “dieting” out of my head. We did some amazing work on finding out what triggers my stress and it wasn’t this “just don’t eat that when you feel stressed” it was a simple yet loving phrase of asking “Why am I feeling this way?” And just being present in the fact that I was turning to food for comfort. That phrase alone has helped me tremendously. Courtney isn’t just a fitness coach, she really is an amazing life coach. I’ve never had a trainer help me get down the root issues of my stress eating. I did lose weight and body fat working with her but to me, that’s not the real victory, it was learning how to manage my habits in the midst of stress! I’ve never had a coach care that much. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Courtney!!”-Lorena Lopez, Travel Writer

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Working with Courtney over the last four months has been more than I could have ever asked for. She has not only been my trainer physically but my mentor mentally. I was always intimidated by the gym and thought I could NEVER lift weights. When I started with her I couldn’t even do 1 push-up. Well, now I can say I’m addicted to working out and eating healthy. She has taught me so much about fitness but also about creating a healthy lifestyle which has helped me in so many ways physically and mentally. From her invigorating workouts to her yummy healthy meal plans I would absolutely recommend working with Courtney!! – Donna Levy

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I am an Expat living in Bangkok who realized that a three-year holiday from working out needed to end. My goal of returning to the U.S in good shape to be able to teach dance again seemed impossible. I must confess how apprehensive I was with beginning a weight-training regimen that would make me “bulk up”. I was pleasantly surprised by Courtney’s plan. It incorporates exercises that are new to my body along with techniques that are familiar to my dance background.  I have trained with Courtney for over two months now and have had incredibly positive results. Several inches at the waist, hips, and legs were gone with the side benefit of losing pounds and gaining muscle. Mission accomplished. Thank you, Courtney! – Pamela Wage Dance Teacher, Professionally Trained Dancer

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I met Courtney after gaining some weight after having two kids. I had fallen into some bad routines and she was quick to contact me and get back on track. I am a fairly picky eater but she was able to create varied and delicious meal plans for me that did not take tons of preparation. They were also makeup ordinary local and affordable food items. I immediately saw results. In addition, Courtney was always on hand to encourage me, make sure I was exercising or answer questions I had, like what I should eat in a particular restaurant.

Finally, Courtney is a nice person who is committed to her work. If you are ready to make a change I highly recommend you get in touch. –  Gillian White Mother of two, Teacher

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Courtney is not only an inspiration but she knows her stuff! Super involved with her clients, she demands greatness and helps you find it. I personally love her approach as she is not all hype and fluff like you see all over the place. She’s the real deal.-Ashley Armstrong, Entrepreneur

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I love working with Courtney! Her workouts are NEVER boring, she’s always so attentive to my needs, holds me accountable daily, is super passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and the body, and she has the biggest heart! I highly recommend her!- Ro Ferrelli Intuitive Life Coach

I have started with Courtney in February, once a week for one hour outdoor bootcamp. It was hard and fun. I got to know her better and I started to become serious  (going every week) only in May. I became “addicted” to doing good to my body, I felt stronger, more confident. My buddy had changed, not much on the scale at the beginning but I could feel it in my clothes and it was my motivation. We became closer (obviously… seeing each other 3 times a week in group sessions helps! and I took her Star for 10 days Challenge mid-May and lost 5 kilos (not taken back). We are now doing personal training and I lost two more kilos ( it’s always good to lose 7 kilos in a month only on eating clean and exercising rather than crash diet, pills or whatever things that do NOT work.) I gained back my confidence and self-esteem. It is difficult to see your body change. To put on weight for whatever reason that could be and it is to double difficult to have people you don’t know reminding you how fat you are or asking you if you are pregnant! But not Courtney. She’s there anytime, for any question, any doubts. She is a nice person with a good, clean heart. The training is killer but fun. She knows her stuff and she has absolutely no problem sharing her “tricks” she has helped me taking good, healthy decisions about my lifestyle, my eating habits and keeping me fit, strong and healthy she is the best she calls her gals stars but actually she is the star! – Cristel Desperles Party Planner Mom of 2

I had the great pleasure of working with Courtney as my nutritional advisor and personal trainer over a three month period when I was living in Bangkok. I was looking for someone who could help me achieve my goals to tone up and lose weight in a fun but effective way and to help me find a sustainable way of healthy eating to improve my overall well-being. A pretty challenging task.

I had been carrying extra weight since having my two boys 8 years ago and I had problems regulating my blood sugar so was over-eating and making bad food choices with no diet and exercise regime I had tried before had stuck with me. A friend recommended Courtney to me and when I met her, her energy and enthusiasm as well as her extensive nutrition and fitness knowledge really impressed me. Her 1 to 1 sessions at my house were tailored for me and changed up regularly which kept things fun and interesting. I always felt challenged but never overwhelmed or exhausted which is ideal as a mum of two! I started to really enjoy being active and Courtney encouraged me to find regular slots and activities to be active outside my sessions. She taught me about nutrition for health and weight loss and helped me find healthy snacks to regulate my blood sugar. Gradually I have seen the pounds drop off and my body shapes up. I have been able to wear clothes I want to and even showed off my arms (which were always hidden before). I now 4 months later have sustained my weight loss and love for exercise. I exercise three to four times a week now and feel it when I don’t. – Jennifer Preston, Transformation HR Consultant, Writer, Mom of 2

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Courtney is knowledgeable, has great energy and genuinely cares about her clients. She tailored our sessions based on my body goals and past injuries. She’s a no BS trainer who will lovingly push you so that you obtain the results you want. I’ve worked out with many trainers in the past and Courtney Bentley is hands down the best!- Danielle Ford of DanielleFord.Com

I’d been looking for a plan for a long time but was totally overwhelmed with a choice. I didn’t want a system that was basically starving yourself but wanted to learn more about nourishment. This is exactly what this system does. It’s a holistic approach to good health. Another great feature is that Courtney is very Hands-On and checks up on your progress, daily. She’s also there to help you have any questions. After the first five days on this plan, I lost 6 lbs. I’m very happy and would encourage anyone to give it a go.- Cate Sykes, Bangkok, TH

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The thing about Courtney is that she is both an amazing personal trainer and a highly educated nutritionist. However, on top of that and what she doesn’t give herself enough credit for, is that is a truly inspirational teacher as to how one should live their life. Life coach? HELL YAH!- Elise Purdon, Creator of ELISE, Blogger, Bangkok TH

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Courtney is amazing. She is full of passion about what she does: bootcamps, workshops on health and nutrition and dedicated workouts for the female body, and much more. I joined her boot camps since October 2013 and these classes are always so much fun, while enjoying some serious workouts. With her blogs and videos, Courtney inspires you to stay active and shares her insights and knowledge. I am really happy I met Courtney and can recommend any woman looking to get, or to stay, In-Shape, to work out with Courtney. – Sandy Loup Educator

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Awesome training session with you this morning – and as I was putting the dumbbells back on the rack, two guys in the gym said I looked really strong for someone in their third trimester and were impressed I had no waddle..This is all thanks to you!! You are the absolute best! Thank you!!- Hannah McKelvie, Bangkok, TH

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Courtney is just an amazing Instructor! Her passion to transform bodies into healthier ones and help women be the best they can be is incredible. She is so knowledgeable and always willing to help her clients/students at any hour/any day! LOVE her and so happy I found her in Bangkok :)” – Carrie Cushing Photographer, Entrepreneur, Writer

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Courtney is full of awesome workouts to help you improve your body. She specializes in your diet and toning the areas you want to improve. She is full of positive energy and knowledge in nutrition. She has me lifting weights and watching my diet. I have already lost inches! Thank you, Courtney for always being there when I have a question and always willing to help me in any way. If you are in need of assistance in toning or losing weight, Courtney is your answer! – Cameron Jules, Photographer, Bangkok, TH

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Awesome training session with you this morning – and as I was putting the dumbbells back on the rack, two guys in the gym said I looked really strong for someone in their third trimester and were impressed I had no waddle..This is all thanks to you!! You are the absolute best! Thank you!!- Hannah McKelvie, Bangkok, TH

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I found Courtney through my blog – – she commented regularly so I checked out her website and her blog. Talking to Courtney in person helped me so much to sort out difficulties I had, answering questions, recapping my week and setting new goals. The goal setting was a big part of our work together and it helped me to achieve Little Things every week and see my progress. Courtney also taught me about affirmations, I cannot imagine my life without them anymore. She is a professional and qualified coach. Need motivation and encouragement to start a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude? Ask her. Lucy Fendler blogger, Foodie

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Courtney is just FANTASTIC! I went to her ballet barre classes well she was in Bangkok and after 2 weeks started seeing results. My stomach was tighter, my bum firmer and my arm stronger –  I was really impressed. Most important though when my boyfriend noticed the changes – that made me feel amazing! Courtney makes her classes fun, while also informative – instructing how to do the exercises to get the most out of them. Her creative bubbly, personality, laughter and smiles makes other classes the same. I really miss her classes here in Bangkok and have not found anything similar! I can’t recommend her enough! –  Nicola Jones Crossley AKIN Asia creator

I have worked with Courtney for almost 2 years and have done several different online programs with her and she is amazing! I dropped two sizes and have kept the weight off.

I have a very busy schedule and Courtney made everything easy to work with my life, which made it easier for me to stick to a plan. She is super knowledgeable and is always willing to work with you to find a solution so that you can be happier and healthier. She is also a total sweetheart! – Krissy Froelich Esthetician

Courtney is THE BEST – she is such a positive force in my life. Courtney is always inspiring me to try new things, be my best and get out and live life to the fullest. Her Star in Ten program got me in the most amazing shape of my life for my wedding! I love how the program focuses on learning how to cook and exercise in ways that work for your life. She motivated me to make changes in my life that changed my life for the better. Plus, she is just a beautiful person inside and out. I love her blog, her YouTube and her recipes! She is a truly amazing person!” – Chloe Beckerman Hardt Textile Designer, Entrepreneur,  Mom

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Hi, my name is Pam! I was really lucky to get to train with Coach Courtney a few months before she moved away. I managed to lose 5 kgs (stubborn post pregnancy kgs) in 2 months with Courtney. During those times I never felt deprived or experienced any exhaustion from exercise. From the first time we met she gave me the basic understating on what to do with my diet, the mistakes I was making and how I can adapt. These simple changes made a huge difference! Not only is Courtney your coach, she will that person you can talk to and feel inspired by! (This is a photo of me FINALLY in my pre-pregnancy jeans!)- Premika S, Bangkok TH

I have been working with Courtney for 3 months not and have seen a marked improvement in my endurance, strength, and body fat percentage! She takes the time to teach you the proper form and method while keeping each session fun and interesting. Her energy is contagious and she is always available, morning, day or night, to answer any questions or motivate you to make GOOD DECISIONS! Highly recommend her. I also love that she allows small groups for her same PT price, It is helpful to workout with a friend because you can keep each other accountable, help each other achieve your goals and help share the cost of something you might not be able to afford. Love this girl!- Susan Quigley, Bangkok TH

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I need a motivator and cheerleader and Courtney is just that. She is so supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging to keep you going when you think your body can’t possibly push anymore. We have had two sessions a week for months and it has been the best investment I have made in my life, an investment in my health! I now have enough energy and the strength to chase my toddler around. I have dropped sizes to where I am now in a size 4-that’s never happened in my entire life! I’m tone and have self-confidence like never before. This process has caused me to make changes in my family life too, with food changes that are more healthy for everyone!- Becky Horace SEEK Founder, Mom of 2, Writer

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I was clueless about working out and scared to death to walk into a gym, but Courtney made things so easy for me and showed me that there was nothing to be afraid of! I’m slowly getting toned and strong, after three years of complete inactivity following the birth of my son. Courtney’s positive approach to training made me feel like I could achieve any fitness level I put my mind to, and knowledge of anatomy and weight training made me feel secure in everything that we have done together as part of my training sessions. – Jennifer Marie Smith Robertson, BA MSc, PhD Raw Food Chef and Educator, Raw Expat