Purposeful Podcast Program

Connecting You and Your Message to Soulmate Clients!

Dreaming of starting your VERY own podcast?

You know the benefits of starting a podcast to grow your business but you are not sure how to do it…


With the Purposeful Podcast Program You Will:

  • Gain clarity on your podcasting goals and objectives so it becomes a marketing tool and not another expensive time-sucking hobby
  • Learn the technicalities, the format and how to name your podcast to attract new leads every single day!
  • Learn the exact steps to monetize your podcast and grow your brand to the top 10!
  • And SO much more!


Purposeful Podcast Program:


  • Set up your podcast and get it launched onto the Itunes store

  • Map out a launch plan to celebrate your new favorite medium

  • Get your podcast website framed and ready

  • Give you a template media kit to start getting sponsors

  • Help you with all the techy headache stuff and set you up with a system that is easy to implement

  • A 1 Hour in Depth Video Training 

  • A Workbook to Brainstorm

  • BONUS: Learn how to grow your podcast by being a guest with the Purposeful Podcast Guest Program!

Make An Impact. Share Your Message. Grow Your Tribe.

If you’re like most of my clients:

  • You love to create content and want it to be seen in a unique way so that you can share your message with the masses
  • You have so many ideas swarming in your head it can be hard to pick just one thing to focus on
  • You have the gift of gab and love chatting about your passions, expertise and stories
  • You really really want to start your podcast but feel like there is SO much to learn so you keep avoiding it and putting it off

And you know that podcasting just FEELS so right and YOU are ready!

Become A Leading Industry Expert

Podcasting gives you a soundbox to share your story, your message and NETWORK like no one’s business! Imagine having 100’s of emails asking YOU to share your expertise and story with the world! Share stages with your favorite thought leaders by starting your own stage!

Learn How to Monetize Your Podcast

Podcasting can be a great source of revenue to add to your business if you know how to play your cards properly. Learn how to be resourceful and not desperate when searching for sponsors and why sponsorship isn’t the only way to make money!

Connect with New Clients and Fans

With over 112 MILLION (YES MILLION!) people tuning into podcasts, your chances of reaching a whole new set of ears just upgraded drastically! Get new raving fans and clients with your show and learn exactly how to do it.

About Me

Hi, I’m Courtney Bentley host  of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast a top-ranked health podcast on Itunes! I’ve spent the last year figuring out this podcast thing from trying to get a poorly recorded interview sounding decent to trying to turn my passion into profit and not another expensive hobby. After spending some time figuring this thing out, I wound up gracing the charts with podcasters like Lewis Howes, Jonathon Fields, and Gretchen Rubin!

I decided this year I wanted to share my love for podcasting with other entrepreneurs who are dying to have their own show, connect with their soulmate clients and want to stand out online as the go-to expert in their field.

I know what a headache it can be to start something new and I know how much time can be wasted trying to “figure it all out,” so I decided to make it easy peasy for you and help you out along the way!