Fit + Fabulous 30 Day Challenge

  • 30 Day Muscle Toning Workout Program Easily Accessed through a Smartphone App
  • 30 day Fat Burning Meal Plan  with over 100+ Easy Recipes to Use
  • Official Fit and Fabulous Guidebook
  • Coaching Support from ME as your Coach
  • Private Group with girls just like YOU to support you and keep you motivated.
  • Daily Email with Motivational Quotes
  • Check In with Office Hours, Coaching Call
[lvca_testimonials per_line=”1″][lvca_testimonial author=”Krissy Froelich” credentials=”Esthetician” author_image=”10995″]I have worked with Courtney for almost two years and have done several different online programs with her and she is amazing!! I dropped two sizes and have kept the weight off. I have a VERY busy schedule and Courtney made everything easy to work with my life, which made it easier for me to stick to a plan. She is super knowledgeable and is always willing to work with you to find a solution so that you can be happier and healthier. She is a total sweetheart![/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Chrisina” credentials=”Mom of 1″]I changed my habits which was AWESOME and new to me. My body changed and I am finally HAPPY, I loved the fact that we are all strangers on the facebook group and reaching towards the same goals and supporting one another[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Annie” credentials=”The Lovely Girl” author_image=”10985″]Total: 9.25 inches lost in 6 weeks During the plan, I went out to eat several times (and drank wine or champs!) and it was great to know that I could order a fat & protein meal off the menu and enjoy it without any guilt. If I went out for lunch, then I needed a protein & veggie meal. I never felt deprived or like I couldn’t leave the house and enjoy my social life.!I’m loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger #power[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Samantha” credentials=”Blogger Pearls and Polkadots ” author_image=”11002″]So you had a wedding today and you binged on pasta? No worries! So you don’t like fish? No problem-Courtney will find an alternative meal to work into your plan. She is amazing is amazing throughout my entire process. There is even a Facebook group that connects you with other amazing Fit and Fabulous Ladies![/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]

Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge

  • 10 Day Meal Plan (Effortless and Easy) with throw together, healthy easy recipes.
  • Motivational support throughout the entire program.
  • Printable Grocery List with exact quantities of what you need during the 10 days.
  • Tips and tricks, I have used and given to my clients and use to get myself in tip top shine.
  • A Grocery List with meal and snack ideas for long term success given at the end of the program.
[lvca_testimonials per_line=”1″][lvca_testimonial author=”Chloe Beckerman” credentials=”Textile Designer” author_image=”10990″]Courtney is THE best- she is such a positive force in my life. Courtney is always inspiring me to try new things, be my best and get out to live life to the fullest. Her 10 Day Jumpstart Program got me in the most amazing shape of my life for my wedding!! I love how the program focuses on learning how to cook and exercise in ways that work for your life. She motivated me to make changes in my life that changed my life for the better. Plus, she is just a beautiful person inside and out. I love her blog, her videos and her recipes! She is truly an amazing person![/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Cristel Desperies” credentials=”Event Planner” author_image=”10991″]I took her Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge Mid May and LOST 5 KGS (which NEVER came back). We are now doing personal training and I lost 2 more kgs. (it always good to lose 7 kgs in a month only on eating clean and exercising rather than crash diet, pills or whatever things that do no work!) I gained back my confidence and self esteem, it is difficult to see your body put on weight for whatever reason that could be and it is double difficult to have people you don’t know reminding you how fat you are or asking if you are pregnant, not COURTNEY! She is there ALWAYS, for any questions, for any doubts.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Astrid D” credentials=”Volunteer” author_image=”10986″]I have been working with Courtney for quite a few months now and she never ceases to amaze me with her creative and new methods to create a happier and healthier lifestyle. After her completing her Jumpstart 10 Day Challenge which was delicious with simple recipes, a fixed workout routine and her coaching I managed to lose those final extra pounds and keep them off! If you think creating a healthier lifestyle/ diet has to be complicated you are WRONG! 5 reasons her Jumpstart Challenge really worked: Who says dieting is all about boring meals? YOU get VERY yummie recipes + a grocery list that are super easy to prepare. All the recipes can be prepped the day before you start the plan. That way you don’t have to think about cooking anymore. Stick to the plan, do the workouts and you will lose weight within 5 days! I lost nearly 4.5 pounds in only one week, 10 days is not LONG it is a bit more than 1 week. Excellent coaching that helped me complete the challenge and kept me really motivated at all times. Oh, and did I mention my skin was GLOWING, I felt energized through the entire week and I am still using the recipes from time to time to get back on track.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Valerie ” credentials=”Las Vegas” author_image=”10984″]I ended the 10 Day at the 6.4 loss. I am pleased with it, and feel better already. Thank you again, you have really been awesome! Everything from your plan to the exercises is totally doable as long as you set your mind to it![/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]

Fit and Fabulous Club

  • Access to Workout Library
  • New Workouts Added Every Week
  • Community
  • Recipes
[lvca_testimonials per_line=”1″][lvca_testimonial author=” Gillian White” credentials=” Mom of 2, Bangkok, TH”]I met Courtney after gaining some weight after having two kids. I had fallen into some bad routines and she was quick to contact me and get e back on track. I am a fairly picky eater but she was able to create varied and delicious meal plans for me that did not take tons of preparation. They were also made of ordinary local and affordable food items. I immediately saw results. IN addition Courtney was always on hand to encourage me, make sure I was exercising or answering questions I had like what I should eat in a particular restaurant. Finally, Courtney is a nice person who is committed to her work. If you are ready to make a change I highly recommend you get in touch[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=” Jennifer Marie Robertson” credentials=” Raw Food Chef” author_image=”10994″]I was clueless about working out and scared to death to walk into a gym, but Courtney made things so easy for me and showed me that there was nothing to be afraid of! I am slowly getting toned and strong, after three years of complete inactivity following the birth of my son. Courtney’s positive approach to training made me feel like I could achieve any fitness level I put my mind to and her knowledge of anatomy and weight training made me feel secure in everything that we have done together as part of my training sessions.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Lucie Pfaendler” credentials=” Blogger, Switzerland” author_image=”10996″]I found Courtney through my blog–she commented regularly so I checked out her website and her blog. Talking to Courtney in person helped so much to sort out difficulties I had, answering questions, recapping my week and setting new goals. The goal setting was a big part of our work together and it helped me to achieve little things every week and see my progress. Courtney also taught me about affirmations, I can not imagine my life without them anymore. She is a professional and qualified coach. Need motivation and encouragement to start a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude? Ask her.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Becky Horace” credentials=”SEEK Founder” author_image=”10987″]I need a motivator and a cheerleader and Courtney is just that! She is so supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging to keep you going when you think your body can’t possibly push anymore.

We have had two sessions a week for months and it has been the best investment I have made in my life, an investment in my health!

I now have enough energy and strength to chase my toddler around. I have dropped sizes to where I am not in a size 4-that has NEVER happened before! This process has caused me to make changes in my family life too, with food changes that are more healthy for everyone![/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Pamela Wage” credentials=”Dance Teacher” author_image=”11000″]I am an expat living in Bangkok who realized that a three-year holiday from working out needed to end. My goal of returning to the U.S in good shape to be able to teach dance again seemed impossible. I must confess how apprehensive I was beginning a weight-training regimen that would make me “bulk up”. I was pleasantly surprised by Courtney’s plan. It incorporates exercises that are new to my body along with techniques I am familiar to my dance background. I have trained with Courtney for over two months now and have had incredibly positive results. Several inches at the waist, hips and legs are gone with a side benefit of losing pounds and gaining muscle. Mission accomplished! Thank you Courtney![/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]