New Moon Manifestation Workshop

On June 14th, 2018  you will be guided through releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back from stepping into who they are really meant to be. My expertise has led me to learn that when women love the body they are in, have breakthrough moments with questions and get inspired by stories. Learn how to have the confidence to look within for answers versus outwards.

You Will Leave This Workshop With:

>>Tools to make a mindset shift on your health and wellness journey

>>A journal to use for the next 28 days with prompts to get you set into a state of self-love

>>A list of goals you want to complete by the next full moon

>>How to tap your way through limiting beliefs using EFT (emotional freedom technique)

>>A new community of women to connect with and hold one another accountable for your goals and dreams

>>Plus much much MORE!

Why The Full Moon:

In ancient times, the full moon was used to put anything into positive. It is considered an ideal time to make positive changes in your life and if you are tackling something like sugar addiction, missing workouts, not making healthy choices and have a desire to, you have a much better chance of reaching a positive outcome if you take action during the full moon.