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Hi, I’m Courtney Bentley!

I believe that all women have dreams and that every woman deserves to be fit, feel fierce and look fabulous without apology. As someone who is a recovered self-hater, I ultimately learned to love myself through movement, nourishing my body and connecting with my soul at a higher level. My mission in life is to inspire women to practice self-love while reaching for and achieving their big goals in life and be bold and take action to live their best life!

In the last 11 years, I have become a recurring contributor to CBS Channel 8 Las Vegas NOW, spoken at Pechakucha, and appeared on Leading Las Vegas. I have worked with companies like, Lorna Jane, West Elm, Gypsy05 and much more to share my mission and inspire other women to step out of their limiting beliefs and into the Fit Fierce and Fabulous lifestyle they deserve.  My podcast entitled Fit Fierce and Fabulous has been #1 in the health category of the Itunes charts and I use this platform to connect and create those conversations that need to be had. 

How to Create an Abundant Lifestyle
Courtney Bentley Public Speaker Health and Wellness Coach

A few quick tidbits:

  • I have a passion for coaching female entrepreneurs to have a business and lifestyle they love while ultimately boosting their self-love, confidence and overall happiness! I do this through mindset motivation coaching and going above and beyond to coach my clients not only in the trainings but with tools they can use for the rest of their lives.
  • I lived in Thailand and Cabo San Lucas. Residing in Bangkok for over 2.5 years expanded my mind, taught me that I can conquer the world and opened my mind to new ways of thinking. I am originally from Southern California and now reside in Summerlin, Nevada.
  • I am a wife and mother of two shih tzus who are my babies, I literally sing to them and talk to them like they are my children. They have the closet to prove it!
  • I am a motivational speaker and love inspiring people to do more for themselves, to push boundaries and move their bodies every single day not just for slimmer thighs but for the endorphins (“feel good hormone”) that comes from it!
  • When I am not working you can find me searching for vintage designer clothes and accessories, baking healthy recipes, freestyle dancing in my room or sipping champagne with friends!
  • I always knew I would help, inspire and move people in some way and am blessed to be able to make living teaching other how movement and self-love can change your life FOREVER!
  • I believe in strength, feeling like superwoman, drinking a green smoothie and sipping champagne daily. I believe in feeling empowered, expanding my knowledge every year and not being afraid to dance the night away!
  • I am educated and am always learning and believe myself to be a student of movement and nourishment for life. I am certified with NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Coach, as a Sports Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, have obtained my certifications in Women’s Hormones and Fat Loss, Science of Fat Loss and Hormones. I most recently studied Behavior Change and Mindset Motivation to help my clients beyond meal plans and workout programs. Exercise wise, I have my certifications in TRX, Kettlebells, was a ballerina for majority of my life and studied Biomechanics in College as well as received my degree in Health Sciences aka Nutrition.
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My Professional Bio

Celebrity personal trainer turned rock star intuitive business coach, Courtney Bentley helps conscious creatives align their spiritual selves with entrepreneurial forces. Courtney’s talks, workshops and interactive trainings have inspired women’s organizations, conference attendees, yoga and fitness studio personnel and clientele, and business audiences to be bold and take action to live their best life. A recovered self-hater, Courtney ultimately learned to love herself through connecting deeper with her spirituality. Her platform and top-ranked podcast, The Fit, Fierce and Fabulous CEO, has inspired thousands of women to practice aligning spirituality with strategy to create a business and life they love.

Courtney is a recurring contributor to CBS Channel 8 Las Vegas NOW, and has appeared on Leading Las Vegas. Companies like, The Jackie Fame Network and have used Courtney’s expertise to showcase spiritual development, business strategy and wellness tips.

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