Hi, I’m Courtney Violet Bentley!

Welcome to my website, I am so happy + blessed that you are here!

As a recovered self-hater, I came to self-love through movements + treating my body like a temple all while living a life I love.

I specialize in helping YOU achieve a fit + lean body while boosting your self-love, rocking your life with confidence and boosting a smile every single day!

Ways to Work With Me

Make me Your Personal Coach

Get a meal plan, a workout plan and an accountability coach to kick your butt into shape and teach you how to live and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Take a Group Class

Join a community of women and supercharge your body and mind while making friends! I have camp Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Hire me to Write/Freelance

I have worked with corporate companies, small businesses and as a ghost writer to write fitness and health articles to inspire and provide knowledge to the world wide web.

Hire me to speak at your event

I can customize a speech or you can pick one of my already crafted topics:

  • Four Macros to Self Love: Fats, Carbs, Protein and Water
  • For the love of your body..
  • Drop It Like Its Hot: Empower Your Mind, Body and Confidence
  • Nutrition for Productivity and Super Brain Power

Brand Ambassador

I love sharing brands with my readers that believe in health and wellness through fitness apparel, food and supplements and am happy to work with you on creating a post that represents your brand.

A few quick tidbits:


I have a passion for helping my girls achieve fit & lean bodies
while ultimately boosting their self-love, confidence & overall happiness! I do this through group classes, one-on-one sessions and online coaching.


I lived in Thailand and Cabo San Lucas and living in Bangkok for over 2.5 years  expanded my mind, taught me that I can conquer the world and opened my mind to new ways of thinking. I am originally from Southern California and now reside in Summerlin, Nevada.


I am a wife and mother of two shih tzus who are my babies, I literally sing to them and talk to them like they are my children. They have the closet to prove it!


I am a motivational speaker and love inspiring people to do more for themselves, to push boundaries and move their bodies every single day not just for slimmer thighs but for the endorphins (“feel good hormone”) that come from it!


When I am not working you can find me searching for vintage designer clothes and accessories, baking healthy recipes, freestyle dancing in my room or sipping champagne with friends!


I always knew I would help, inspire and move people in some way and am blessed to be able to make a living teaching others how movement and self love can change your life FOREVER!


I believe in strength, feeling like super woman + drinking a green smoothie + sipping champagne daily. I believe in feeling empowered, expanding my knowledge every year + not being afraid to dance the night away!


I am educated and am always learning + believe myself to be a student of movement and nourishment for life. I am certified with NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Coach, as a Sports Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, have obtained my certifications in Women’s Hormones and Fat Loss, Science of Fat Loss and Hormones. Movement wise I have my certifications in TRX, Kettlebells, was a ballerina for majority of my life and studied Biomechanics in College as well as received my degree in Health Sciences aka Nutrition.

Professional Bio

Courtney Bentley also known as COURTSTAR, founder of the Star Systemz Method, believes that staying bikini body ready is not about starving yourself, crazy cleanses and doing massive amounts of cardio. You may have seen her featured as a Fitness Expert on Websites like Ehow, Livestrong and motivating kids to create healthy habits on The Jackie Fame Network. Her abilities to share her knowledge not only shine when she coaches but also on camera. Her motivation with clients goes beyond the gym, she STRIVES to teach her clients not only HOW TO workout but EMPOWER them through movement, nutrition and wellness. Her goal is to show EVERY WOMAN it is possible to have that bikini body while shining like a star!

The Star Systemz Method is a fusion of Pilates, Pylometrics, Dance and Power Weight Lifting. With years of transforming women’s lives Courtney founded her very own method after testing out many other methods and having little to no results or bulking up in all the wrong places. The Star Systemz Method builds long lean muscle all while breaking down fat in a FUN and powerful way.

Courtney Bentley is not only a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, but also certified in Youth Fitness, Women’s Fitness, TRX, Pilates and holds a degree in Nutrition through Precision Nutrition. She also participated in personal training courses in college where she took Biomechanics and Human Anatomy. Her love for leading a healthy lifestyle started at an early age when her Mom enrolled her in Ballet classes. With over 15 years training to be a Prima Ballerina, Courtney said enough was enough and went on to become a cheerleader in High School. With over 5 years of trial and error, Courtney has come up with a method that is TRIED, TESTED and WORKS!