Business Breakthrough Retreat

in Cabo San Lucas
Aligning Spirituality and Strategy to Create a Fit Fierce and Fabulous Business
November 15-18th, 2018

Are you ready to quantum leap to the next level with your business with strategy, branding and messaging all while sipping a margarita on the beach?

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Business, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

You are ready to reach and work with your soulmate clients but you hear crickets every time you post….

Your soul is thumping with the urge to take your business to the next level but you feel stuck on how to do it…

The Business Breakthrough Mastery Retreat will give you the support and guidance you need to build a business that connects you with your soulmate clients!

I’m holding space for 10 women with the Cabo Business Breakthrough Retreat. Once it’s full of women who are ready to reach the next level, it will disappear until next year!

This is your moment. Take it.

Client Attraction

Learn how to align your branding and messaging to manifest your soulmate clients.

Branding Photoshoot

Leave the retreat with branded photos to show your personality and attract clients on social media!


Create your brand story, client-attracting messaging and learn the sales tactics to create a 5 figure a month income living your passion!


Connect with your soul sisters and create lifetime connections in three days! Imagine having women just like you giving you hand fives and hugs!

Is the Retreat Right For Me?

  • You’re a business owner, CEO or entrepreneur who wants more ease, flow, and financial abundance

  • You believe in using your intuition to make decisions and are ready to connect even deeper

  • You’re ready to go BOLD and BIG this year and are ready to TRANSFORM

  • You know that you are ready to transform the way you do business and start aligning yourself to soulmate clients

This is Not For You If:

  • You are happy with your current income level and don’t want any more clients

  • You’re not open to coaching and support from a group or me

  • You enjoy getting on the struggle bus and spending your days hustling

  • You don’t enjoy going deep and are not ready to experience a breakthrough

About Courtney

I believe that all women have dreams and that every woman deserves to be fit, feel fierce and look fabulous without apology. As someone who is a recovered self-hater, I ultimately learned to love myself through movement, nourishing my body and connecting with my soul at a higher level. My mission in life is to inspire women to practice self-love while reaching for and achieving their big goals in life and be bold and take action to live their best life!

Answers To Your Questions:


What's Included?

The only thing not included is airfare to and from Cabo San Lucas and transportation to and from the airport. We’re covering you for 3 days of hotel accommodations, transportation, food, excursions and of course, coaching. Spa services are on site and are not included in your stay.

Where and When Should I Fly?

The retreat kicks off at 5 PM PST November 15th, 2018 and will conclude at 12 PM PST on November 18th, 2018. It is suggested to fly into San Jose Del Cabo International Airport (SJD). You do need a passport to travel internationally.

Where Are We Staying?

We are staying at a private retreat center tucked away in San Jose Del Cabo. This is center dedicated for retreats and has a private saltwater pool. a garden, and WiFi. Rooms are single rooms with two rooms that are double that can be shared with a soul sister. Maid and chef are available with all your meals included in your stay.


Client Love:

“Amazing is an understatement! Courtney has helped me discover a lot about myself and has taught me how to get over certain blocks in order for me to really achieve my goals. The things I have learned from her, I use every single day and it’s drastically changed my life. If you’re looking for an empowering life coach, mentor, or a moon goddess high priestess, I highly recommend my friend, Courtney! She’s the best!” Sarah Ahzeezahn

Real Estate Agent

“I had some amazing takeaways from my 1-on-1 session with Courtney. She was very patient and helpful when it came down to narrowing my niche for my coaching business. She also guided me to find the tangible results that I have to offer to my clients. I enjoy working with Courtney because she shares honest and authentic experiences of her own journey to provide insight on also what not to do in your business. I highly suggest working with Courtney to release any blocks you may have when stepping into a new endeavor!” Alyssa Alvarez

Coach, Aura Awakening

“Courtney is an amazing coach! Her coaching has taught me so much and I have already made such progress not only from within but with my business. Stepping into by own, leveling up, and spreading my message. For the first time since running my business (5 years now) do I feel focused, supported, and like I can actually succeed! Thank you, Courtney, for coming into my life, I am forever grateful!” Samantha Rodgers

Personal Trainer

“This mastermind was my first big investment in my business. I was at a point where I felt stuck, with no clients, no money coming, and no direction.
Courtney helped me align myself to my goals, focus on the important aspects of my business and build my self-confidence.
I had an immense fear of video and speaking in front of crowds and had no real confidence in my capabilities.
Through the mastermind, I managed to sign on my first clients, host 2 workshops, and get on countless videos for my social media which attracted my ideal clients. Courtney was there for me when I experienced intense growing pains and doubt in myself. She provided me with the tools and support I needed in order to find the answers within myself and find the courage to pursue what I really wanted. She has a contagious energy and drive that really helps boost your motivation and light a fire inside of you!

If you are looking to grow your business and get to the next level, this is your girl! I cannot thank her enough, she has changed my life and I am forever grateful for our crossing paths! HIGHLY recommend!” Laurence Annez de Taboada

Health Coach

“Courtney has a special gift for coaching. I was lucky enough to be part of her Mastermind coaching where she pushed me just far enough out of my comfort zone to make huge strides in my business and personal development. I trust Courtney’s instincts and I’m hugely grateful for her insights and coaching. She is truly a star and makes me feel like one too.” Carrie Forrest

Health Coach

I signed up for the Fit Fierce & Fabulous Mastermind a few months ago with the goals of having a website up and running (tech is not my friend) and to earn 3k a month.
I quickly had my website done THE FIRST WEEK of the 6 weeks so my goals slowly morphed. Now, in these past 45 days I have/will earned a projected income exceeding 3 fold my initial goal.
That is shocking and LIFE CHANGING!
I truly believe that being part of this program has flipped the paradigm for me. It taught me to embrace my amazing tribe even more (believe me, I am so fortunate) and to have faith in my abilities to bring in that abundance. Because of all of the above ☝🏻, I will continue to be overwhelmingly grateful for every opportunity that comes my way! Thank you Courtney! Xx Tiffany Weekes

Fashion Stylist

The Investment Options

Double Room

Have a friend who wants to join you on this experience? Share a room with your soul sister or potential soul sister with this option. Imagine your experience being like a sleepover! If you are not coming with a friend, I will be sure to introduce you to your roommate to connect with before the experience.

More Details
+This package is non-refundable and does not include airfare, your Visa On Arrival and souvenirs. There are only 2 rooms available for this option.

Single Room

Enjoy a king size bed and a cozy room just for you. Rebalance and recharge nightly and take some time just for you.

More Details
+This package is non-refundable and does not include airfare, your Visa On Arrival and souvenirs. There are only 4 rooms available for this option.

VIP Package

A single king size bed, cozy room and 1 on 1 time with Courtney to have an intuitive business reading, energy clearing to remove blocks that are holding you back and 2 1 hour strategy calls before and after the experience.

More Details
+This package is non-refundable and does not include airfare, your Visa On Arrival and souvenirs. There are only 4 rooms available for this option.

Weekend Agenda:

November 15th, 2018

Welcome Party

Circle Session and Connection

November 16th, 2018

9-10 AM Meditation Class

10 AM-11 AM Breakfast

11 AM-2 PM “Your 5 Figure Month” Breakout Session

2-3 PM Lunch Break

3-3:30 PM YOU time

3:30-6 PM “Attraction Marketing: Messaging and Branding” Session

6-7 PM Dinner

7-9 PM Fear Releasing Ritual Bonfire

November 17th, 2018

9-10 AM Yoga Class

10 AM-11 AM Breakfast

11 AM-2 PM “Visibility: Keynote Speaking and Media Pitching”

2-3 PM Lunch Break

3-5 PM Photo Session

5-7 PM “Soul Fueled Sales Conversations”

7-9 PM Night Out on the Town

November 18th, 2018

9-10 AM Meditation Class

10 AM-11 AM Breakfast

11 AM-12 PM Farwell Party