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The Power of Optimism with Elizabeth Shaw

What you will learn in this episode: How optimism is a superpower What “The Optimism Manifesto is The difference between looking at life through rose-colored lenses, and real, positive perspectives Tips to become more optimistic How you can design your dreams into...

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4 Tips to Grow Your Tribe as a Health Coach

Are you ready to make an impact in the world? It is your time! I want to share with you how to reach your full potential through tribe building. What is a tribe in business? How do you grow it? From podcast interviews to creating your movement, giving back, and more,...

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About Courtney

Health + Wellness Coach

Welcome to my website, I am so happy + blessed that you are here!

As a recovered self-hater, I came to self-love through movements + treating my body like a temple all while living a life I love.

I specialize in helping YOU achieve a fit + lean body while boosting your self-love, rocking your life with confidence and boosting a smile every single day!