Episode 012: Connecting With Your Consciousness, Hormone Health and Manifesting Your Health with NTP Lindsay Dam

Lindsay Dam Fertility Coach
Episode 012 is all about Nutritional Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Soft Tissue Therapist, Life Enthusiast, Single Mom and all-around Badass, Lindsay Dam. In this soul-baring episode, Lindsay, an Online Fertility Coach and creator of Functional Fertility Now, shares how her story of loss ult

Episode 009: Learning How to Share and Craft Your Message and Inspire the World with Video Marketing Expert Danielle Ford

In This Episode You Will Learn: How to Define Your End-Game How to Understand the Value of Creating a Space to Change Your Mind and Your Beliefs in Effort to Reach That ONE Person Who Needs YOU Spinning the fear on trolls and how to turn it into a fun GAME How to Show Up