Living in Las Vegas has its set of perks one being incredible shopping. With hubs and malls all along the Las Vegas strip, I set the bar high before I go on a shopping trip. One of my favorite places to shop is Caesar’s Forum Shops for its stores and restaurants. The experience of walking around with a vibe of Rome, shopping over 197 stores filled with the latest fashions and finishing at my favorite sushi spot Sushi Roku takes me offline.

I wanted to share some unique shops, restaurants and a little tip as a local to make the most out of your Caesar’s Forum experience.

VIP Valet

Before walking into a long day of shopping, I like to make life easy which is why I always valet at the VIP Valet. To get there, take Twain all the way down until you reach the VIP Valet, you might feel as if you are going the wrong way as signs detour you but trust me when I say you are going the right way. For just $7 you can park in style and enter right into the Forum shops next to Gucci! This makes it easier to load your shopping bags at the end of the day.


Crafted luggage from 1858, Rimowa has perfected and mastered the art of luxury travel. I was shocked to learn more of the history behind this classic suitcase and loved the story behind the brand. Rimowa also has several collections with different blends of metal, fun stickers to personalize your case and different styles to suit your travel needs. We had a great time designing a Las Vegas Fashion case as shown below!

Club Monaco

Classic items you can wear for years to come can be found at Club Monaco. The dressing room in this particular store has a mirror so you can see what your outfit looks like in different lighting, they even had a Vegas light! I loved the fresh take on classic pieces and walked out with a gorgeous floral dress I’ll be shooting very soon!

Ray Ban

One thing I love to buy in person is sunglasses. I just cannot buy shades online as I personally love to try them on, take photos to see how they really look and need to see how they feel on my face before making the investment. The Ray Ban store in Forum Shops was so fun to play around in and I got to try on so many fun shades that I would have otherwise passed on. The lighting in this store is fantastic and you may walk out with several pairs in tow after playing around in store!

Robert Graham

Robert Gram is ultimately known for their colorful vibrant men’s shirts but did you know they also have a ladies collection? We were all blown away by the unique patterns and limited edition designs in the shop. The vibe is very rock n roll but classic button-ups and flowy dresses which I need for a vacation! We were gifted a cozy robe that I wear all day and secretly wish I could wear in public. Fun fact, my husband was wearing a Robert Graham shirt when I met him so this brand has a special place in my heart.

Sushi Roku

Hands down the best sushi restaurant on the strip. This was my first experience here and I went back a week later to share this gem with my husband. The fish here is certified Japanese quality and is the freshest fish I have ever had in my life. This sushi literally melts in your mouth and you can swish it down with a delicious cocktail! They also launched a vegan menu with creative takes on sushi rolls using only vegan-friendly ingredients. I also loved that they catered to all of my food intolerances with ease. We also got to experience what it takes to make a sushi roll!

Have you been to Vegas? What is your favorite place to shop?