Meet innovator and mom of two, Lopa van der Mersch founder of Rasa. Rasa is a lifestyle brand that uses the power of adaptogens to replace things like your normal coffee. In this episode, Courtney asks thought-provoking questions that lead you to learn about her journey to discovering the magic of adaptogens, using Lopa’s experience to learn the process of compassion and how she stepped into being an innovator in the world of health and wellness. They talk about all things spirituality, challenges faced in business and how Rasa came to be. Dive into this episode and get inspired to follow your own life’s plan and be sure to check out WeAreRasa.Com to grab your products at 20% off using code Fit Fierce Fabulous.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Lopa’s journey to discovering adaptogens
  • How to balance your lifestyle through adaptogens
  • How food and spirituality align together
  • What it is like to be in a cult and apart of that experience
  • How to be compassionate towards yourself after choices you make that you may not be proud of
  • Learn how to be compassionate towards others who do not support what you support or believe in
  • Why we need to think about our soil quality and what you need to know about the quality

Questions I Ask:

  • What in your journey up until this point was the most profound? Can you tell us a story?
  • What was your journey like to finding adaptogens and when did you know that was going to be your thing?
  • How can we use adaptogens in our lifestyle?
  • What was your spiritual journey like? Can you share a story?
  • How did being in a cult play apart to your life’s path and journey?
  • What is biochar and what does it mean to be a “biochar queen?”
  • What is Rasa and how have you created a lifestyle around your brand?
  • What does Fit Fierce and Fabulous mean to you?


Listen to the Episode:

Learn More About Lopa van der Mersch:

Lopa is a lifelong health seeker and founder & CEO of Rasa Koffee, the first coffee alternative to offer functional health benefits through adaptogenic herbs. She is also a mother of two children under 3, and credits her ability to do All of The Things in large part to the help of adaptogens, herbs that help your body adapt under stress.

Lopa has lived a storied life. She spent years studying esoteric spiritual practices (& was in two cults!); has had a whole slew of health challenges that have had her seeking alternative therapies from Ayurveda to Functional Medicine to Shamanism for over a decade; and before her life in CPG with Rasa, was dubbed the “Biochar Queen” for her work in stewarding biochar, a biomass-charcoal added to soil to drastically improve soil quality and sequester carbon.

Lopa co-founded Rasa Koffee two years ago, and spent much of that time shoring up the complicated logistics and operations back-end, before fully launching Rasa to a wider audience. Rasa is founded on the belief that by bringing life-giving adaptogenic herbs into your morning beverage ritual, you can actually transform your days; and this effect has been seen time and again as customers relay how Rasa has genuinely changed their lives.

Lopa is also inspired by the 15 Commitments to Conscious Leadership and strives to run Rasa Koffee in alignment with these principles.

Learn More About Rassa:

Rasa Koffee is a super herb coffee replacement that boosts daily energy while supporting deeper health through adaptogenic herbs. With zero caffeine (and no gluten), Rasa Koffee can replace your coffee habit or be used blended with coffee for a potent herbal boost with 12herbs from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western herbalism.

Connect with Lopa van der Mersch: