Did you know your body is a roadmap telling you all sorts of messages? If you could connect with your spirit and understand why you have aches and pains what would that do for your life? Courtney chats with medical intuitive Christine Lang about her journey to finding her calling, why she is so passionate about her work and how she helps medical doctors with her gifts. Courtney gets a live reading with Christine Lang and starts to cry with the discovery she makes regarding her intolerances to certain foods and is amazed by her wisdom and insight regarding connecting with spirit. Tune in to learn more about how your bodies signs might be pushing you towards your aligned path and how you can start to access these signs at a deeper level.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Christine’s allergy symptoms changed her career and life path
  • The need for coming home to your spirit and how you can learn about your medical situations
  • How symptoms are signs from our bodies to address stress, mind and body issues
  • How Christine felt the higher calling and trusted her gut and went for her new career path
  • Why self care and knowing your limits is so important
  • Why connecting within and following your heart will lead you to your deepest desires
  • How your spirit might take you on a path that doesn’t make sense at the time but will later and why you need to understand and trust

Questions I Ask:

  • How did you go from lawyer to medical intuitive?
  • When did you dive into the study of alternative medicine and when was the a-ha for you?
  • How did you start to communicate with spirit?
  • How did you know that it was time to step out of law?
  • How did you grow your business and did people have opinions of the work you do?
  • How do you do so much healing and find time to take care of yourself?
  • How do you do these intuitive readings?
  • I share the story of my intolerances that I believe stem from my eating disorder and Christine gives me a diagnosis live.
  • Have you ever gone down the wrong path? How do you know that is where you are supposed to be?

Listen to the Episode:


Learn More About Christine Lang:

Photo by Jonathan Vandiveer

For almost 20 years Christine Lang has assisted people in nearly every profession, including executives, professional athletes and celebrities. 
As a young lawyer Christine was plagued by constant allergies. Determined to find a cure, she voraciously studied different forms of alternative medicine. She cured her allergies, and along the way discovered her amazing gift – to see people’s energy and hear their spirit ! Christine learned that our spirits use symptoms as a type of messaging system, alerting us to issues that are ready to be healed. What she learned was so profound that she left the practice of law so that she could help others hear the wisdom offered by their spirits – guidance that helps people heal their relationships, physical health, and careers.  

Christine helps her clients uncover the core emotional issues that create chronic physical symptoms, unhappy relationships, and negative self-talk. Her ability to hear a client’s spirit enables her to reveal details about his/her life with amazing accuracy. Her style combines wisdom, compassion, and humor, and her results are inspiring! Clients leave feeling empowered by their own spirit’s guidance.

Christine has a thriving International practice, comprised of referrals from doctors, therapists, and holistic practitioners. Her new online course helps people begin to communicate with their spirit for themselves. Her book, The Body Whisperer, Your Symptoms Tell Me Your Truth, is available through Amazon. 

Connect with Christine Lang:

Website: www.ChristineLang.org