Body positivity comes in all shapes and sizes! On this episode body positive activist and self-acceptance champion Rebecca Bedford chats with Courtney Bentley about being an SSBBW, body positivity, and acceptance. They talk about how Drake made BBW popular, why having a community builds confidence and the first steps to create a strong loving relationship with your body.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to love yourself, your body and your inner critic and own who you are
  • Why standing your ground and staying positive can help you through any naysayers or negative people
  • Why you need to own up to your habits and lifestyle
  • How to stop worrying about what other people outside of yourself think about you and why it is so important
  • The first steps you can take to loving yourself inside and outside
  • How to take charge of your life and be fierce and fabulous no matter what others think

Questions I Ask:

  • What does being an SSBW mean?
  • How did you begin on this path and journey in your life?
  • What is the plus size movement and what do you think about weight loss surgery?
  • When did you learn to accept yourself and how do you teach others to do the same?
  • How has becoming body positive changed your life?
  • How would you explain what it means to be body positive?
  • What do you want to say to people who refuse to understand your worldview and trying to impose their views?
  • What is some advice to someone who is trying hard to have self-acceptance?
  • What does Fit Fierce and Fabulous mean to you?

Listen to the Episode:

Learn More About Rebecca Bedford:

Rebecca Bedford is a Body Positive Activist and Self Acceptance champion. In 2013 she started her Youtube Vlog Channel “Being An SSBBW” when she noticed that other videos spoke about people of extended size, but not anyone of size. She uses her platform to reach out to extended sizes, the larger of plus size people, and all those who struggle with self love and self acceptance. Sharing her experiences through her website, she is also a blogger, vlogger, podcast host, writer, body positive activist and public speaker. She uses these platforms to reach those needing to navigate the path of mental health, coming to terms with size, dating, fetish, limitations and communication within relationships.

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