How many people do you know who admit their failures? In this episode, your host Courtney Bentley dives into her failures from 2018 and what she learned as lessons from each of the five experiences. If you have ever wanted to learn from someone understanding their lessons in life will not only help you not make the same mistakes but help you become wiser in the choices you make in 2019.

5 Failures in 2018 and Lessons Learned

  • Separating Business and Emotions
  • Letting Numbers Define Me
  • Not Mapping Out A Plan
  • Eating Habits and Health
  • Undervaluing Myself

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5 Things to Take Into 2019

  • Become More Eco-Friendly
  • Try A New Activity Every Month
  • Give Back
  • More Masterclasses
  • Focus on Finances and Investing

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