What is your dream job, this is one question all of us answered at one point in our adult life. For Monica, at a very young age of 12, she knew what she wanted. She wanted to be a buyer at Neiman Marcus. Little did she know, that she is up for more than that.

Today, I chat with Monica Woodhams, founder of Confessions Media, and podcast host of Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast and How to Pretend to Like Sports Podcast.

You will hear her story on how she got her dream job and realized that it is not her long-term happiness. She will share how she found out that what she wanted is to help other people tell their story on their platforms. Also, she will share what it means to be an influencer at this time. Finally, she disproves the negative image of online influencers and looks at a positive side of things.

Get the energy to be able to take on what you want and excited to take on this day to be fit, fierce and fabulous!

Monica Woodhams

Things We Talk About:

  • Monica’s big move. How she went from having a dream job to becoming an online influencer
  • Listen to how Monica was able to free herself from guilt  when she made a career change
  • Her long journey of finding what she is destined to do
  • The definition of online influencer according to Monica
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; how online influencers are seen by many people
  • The critical role of storytelling when sharing your content in the influencer space
  • Lifestyle tips from Monica on how she balances her life without burning out

Questions I Ask:

  • How you went from focusing on being an influencer to helping other influencers build their platforms and grow?
  • What did it take for you to step out of your job?
  • Do you know in your health, for your soul, for your creative energy that you needed to make a change?
  • What does it mean to be an influencer in 2018/2019?
  • How can we as influencers in our communities and in our spaces help people see that everything isn’t so perfect?
  • Where did the two podcasts come about?
  • How do you balance everything without burning out?

Listen to the Episode:


Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast

How to Pretend to like Sports

Learn More About Monica Woodhams:

Influencer Lifestyle Monica

Monica is the founder of Confessions Media, a Public Relations and Podcast Management Agency helping female entrepreneurs and influencers expand their reach beyond social media.

She is a graduate of Texas Christian University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communication: Ad/PR from the Bob Schieffer College of Communication as well as a graduate of the Neiman Marcus Executive Development program.

Monica has over half a decade of experience in the blogging industry on both the brand, publicity and blogger sides of the industry. Her clients include TedX Speakers, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

She is also the host of the Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast where she interviews 7 figure business owners, celebrities, and influencers and How to Pretend to Like Sports Podcast.

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