Don’t we all have things we want to achieve by the age of 30? The lessons I have learned in my 20’s and are things I cannot wait to share on this episode.

I quickly passed the “Big 3-0” milestone. For many of us, we might catch ourselves asking these provoking questions; “What am I doing in my life?”, What do I want?” and “Who am I?” These questions are a clear indication that we are at one point experience the quarter-life crisis.

Since turning 30, I feel so different. I wanted to do this episode to go through five things that I’ve learned in the last year and to celebrate that 30-year-old mark in my life. I will be sharing with you all some of the things I’ve discovered along the way.

What I Learned in my 20s

Five Things that I’ve learned before I turned 30….

  • Nothing else in this world matters, but you.

It sounds selfish but it is the truth. It helps to have the mindset or set intentions at the start of your day to do things that will make you truly feel joyful. I personally spent so much of my life trying to get approval from everybody else, working so hard to get a thank you or yes, doing all that I could in my life for everybody else. The result was I was always sick, tired, exhausted, unfulfilled, and unhappy. I’ve realized that my life doesn’t matter unless I’m happy. That’s why it is said, “Life is too short to do what you don’t like.” Do what feels right, and what makes you happy.

  • I don’t need a lot of friends.

How many friends do I need? Going back to when I was in high school, I was all about having a ton of friends and trying to be everybody’s best friends. My husband taught me that if you can count your friends on more than one hand, you don’t know what a friend is, and he was so right.

We all have a desire to be wanted, loved and to belong. Have you ever wondered why we always fee the need for acceptance? Why are we so uncomfortable being just with ourselves?

Lessons From My 20s
Over the last few years, I started contemplating and realized that having all these people around me is doing nothing for me. As I’m entering my thirties, I am focused on building long-term quality relationships over quantity. I am taking the time to create memories, travel and create special occasions for these people in my life versus trying to do little things, all the time with everybody else.

Listen to the Episode:

  • I am not anybody else. I am my self, and I am on my path.

Nowadays, anyone can be a celebrity, have you seen American Meme yet? We are seeing ordinary women live extraordinary lives or at least pretend to. Since the growth of Instagram and SnapChat, more and more “influencers” popped out, especially in the beauty, fashion, travel niche. Seeing these people in our face all day every day can lead us to compare ourselves to their highlight reels. I released that this year and it felt amazing and I am excited to do more of that in my 30’s. 

Last year I came to realize when I decided to cut out my hair extension, that I released the attachment of having to look a certain way to be accepted. 

  • Start thinking about our obsession with our health.

I had gone through a crazy health journey. I was bulimic for ten years and battled an eating disorder for most of my life. Ever since I relaxed with my food and started to enjoy my food, the people around me, the food’s aroma and how it was nourishing my body; my life changed. I feel free now when I eat.

  • What does life actually mean to you

What is life really about? Most of my life until this point was all about business. This year I didn’t hustle. I focused. I stopped listening to what everybody else was doing. I focused on my path and got to do all the things I wanted to do.

Ask yourself what are your three priorities and make sure every decision you make is aligned with that.

Surrender to your life. Focus on what you want. Put things in action. Focus on your priorities. Make sure to say yes to things that are aligned with your preferences.

So I wanna know…

  • What are you focused on as you enter 2019?