The holiday season may or may not be your favorite time of year. For myself, I never truly enjoyed the holidays until I got older and realized I could change my mindset around them. Either way, creating a high vibrational surrounding will help you during the tough times, the stress and of course the fun. I got the opportunity to preview Neiman Marcus’s holiday items at a party here in Las Vegas with local influencers and wanted to share with you some of my favorite gifts this holiday season.

How to Raise Your Value Vibration

  • Shop In Store: There is something special about shopping in the store during the holiday season. From the way the stores decorate, the help and services that are provided and just the overall energy just makes me so excited to shop in the store. Instead of fighting my way to a parking space I valet, I save headaches by allowing the sales associates help me and I definitely pay for them to wrap everything perfectly! One of my favorite stores to shop is Neiman Marcus because of the unique items they curate for each holiday season. I have shared some of my favorites below and am lusting over the rose quartz roller! I just got the jade one and love rolling on all of my sheet masks.

Neiman Marcus Gift Guide

Smiley Face Journal || Swell Water Bottle || Sparkle Apron || Confetti Purse || Candle || Rose Quartz Roller

  • 10 Gratitudes: Every night before I go to bed I walk outside and say ten things I am grateful for from that day. I think of all of the people I meet from my grocery store attendant to the smile I got from my mailman, these small things are something to be grateful for and help create a high vibrational day. I also spend some time thinking of all of the things I accomplished throughout my day. Whether it was something small or something big, I still spend some time acknowledging each thing to raise my overall vibration energetically. It always feels good to recognize and be grateful for all that you created.
  • Luxurious Surroundings: Every single day I do something luxurious for myself. I am loving Drunk Elephant Baby Facial and all of the lovely sheet masks my mom sends me to treat my skin. I also light candles often to make myself feel calm and energized throughout my workday. You can literally change your day around with a fun song and a yummy scent. Something I started doing again was massaging my neck and my feet at night. It relaxes me and helps me sleep plus rids of any stress I caught during the day.

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So I want to know…

  • What is your favorite way to enjoy the holiday shopping season?