What is it like to survive in the wilderness? What does it feel like to be afraid? What do I need to know to be a person ready for anything? If these are your questions, then tune in as Courtney chats with survivalists, Mitchell Langon, and Jhoanna Trias, one of the power couples featured in Discovery’s reality series: Men, Women, Wild in 2012. In this episode, they talk about experiences, their relationship, and their key tips for survival.

Things We Talk About:

  • Jhoanna and Mitchell’s background as survivalists speaking from the heart with life experiences
  • Mitchell’s military background
  • Jhoanna: From the Philippines to a new life in the US
  • How their relationship works out
  • Jhoanna’s key to life and being happy
  • What Jhoanna wants to do versus what other people want her to do
  • Discovery’s show did beyond bringing Mitchell and Jhoanna together
  • Getting into entertainment: The experience of reality TV
  • Filming food, travel, and culture together for 6 years

Questions I Ask:

  • What does it feel like, to me, to be scared at a gas station? What does it feel like to be scared?
  • Is your (Mitchell’s) background (military) something your parents instilled in you?
  • What about you, Jhoanna, you came from the Philippines, correct?
  • How does this relationship work?
  • What are the greatest challenges you face as a female competitor on the show?
  • Do you think the show brought you guys closer?
  • What’s next for you, guys?
  • What does fit, fierce, and fabulous mean to you?

Listen to the Episode:

Learn More About Jhoanna Trias and Mitchell Langon:

Jhoanna Trias and Mitchell Langon

  • Born at Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento, California, Mitchell was raised in Napa Valley by his grandparents, father and loving aunts and uncles. Mitchell’s grandparents were a profound influence on his formative years. Napa Valley may be known to wine lovers for its expansive vineyards and haute cuisine, but it’s also a place of lush redwood forests, rugged mountains, pristine lakes, rolling rivers, and undulating valleys. It’s these vibrant and diverse locales that nurtured Mitchell’s sense of adventure and inspired him to develop the expert wilderness skills that would soon become his lifestyle and would go on to teach others.
  • At just four years old, Jhoanna moved to the United States from the Philippines and was raised near Sacramento, California. Growing up in the foothills of Northern California, her family prospered from the fertile valleys, growing their own organic fruit and vegetables as well as raising their own farm animals. It was at an early age that Jhoanna’s passion for the outdoors, nature and survival skills began to take form. The eldest of five children, she grew up being a tomboy and playing sports with her brothers, building forts, camping, fishing and even making homemade slingshots, spears, bows and arrows. It was not until later that she realized during her adventurous childhood that she was actually learning valuable survival skills.

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