What is chakra and what to do when it is blocked? This is one topic Amber Lee Lyons cannot stop talking about. Take notes on today’s episode as Amber shared how to take advantage of aligning your chakras to our everyday lives. That’s not all, she also shared her best tips on how to open up and get what you want in your life. And get a load of stories from me and Amber on how manifestation works best on us. Tune in to the episode to unlock how to be unapologetically fierce and fabulous.

Amber Lee Lyons

Things We Talk About:

  • Becoming aware on how to find the blocked chakra and what you have to do to unblock it
  • How Amber came up with an approachable system using chakras that can be applied to building a business
  • The first step to do to make a shift in your life
  • Tips to structure your daily routine
  • Amber’s Seven Step Process and its Chakra Counterpart
  • How Amber manages to stay in her lane and not get caught up by the online world

Questions I Ask:

  • How chakras came to be apart of Amber’s life?
  • When did Amber know that the time is right for her to explore chakras?
  • How much time should a person spend on mindset work?
  • What things that we can do to implement our routine?
  • What would you share to people so they could receive more even if they are anxious and stressed out?
  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • What is your wildest manifestation story?

Listen to the Episode:


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Amber Lee Lyons

Amber Lee Lyons is a Chakra and Reiki Expert. She is your spiritual bff, and the founder of the Chakra Girl Company. Her company is on a mission to make balancing mainstream and bridge the gap between Gurus and Gucci all with a glass of Malbec in hand. She believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise your love for all things material in order to be spiritual and has inspired thousands of women to tap into their chakra energy to live their glitziest lives. She has a radio show called Chakra Girl Radio. It’s an uncut look into the lives of today’s influencers to share their best spiritual and lifestyle rituals that have allowed them to create glamorous lives and overcome the chaos of meltdowns that come with success. She’s also sharing her weekly chakra tips, faith, spiritual products, wild manifestation stories and reality TV updates.

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