Are you thinking about starting your very own podcast? Before you get started, listen to this episode to learn the 5 key things you need to think about before you even get started. The blogging industry has shifted and people are tired of seeing filtered photos and highlight reels. They want information and not just surface info but on a DEEPER level. Your ideal client wants to connect with you and know, like and trust you but they can’t do that without seeing YOU in your truth. Podcasting did that for me, it taught me how to show up as my authentic self and attract my soulmate clients! I learned how to generate income not just in the form of a random client here and there or an affiliate link but through nurturing my listeners with truth-telling stories and lessons that allowed them to connect with me in a unique way that wasn’t cookie cutter filtered photos or a blog post that took me an hour that no one ever found.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to write a captivating title that attracts new listeners with ease
  • How to leverage other people’s audiences to grow your show
  • Why you need to be a guest before you do your own show
  • How to show up in an authentic way and why it matters
  • The key to having your audience tune in week after week
  • Why tech stuff is important and two tools to help you

Listen to the episode:

5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

TITLE MEANS EVERYTHING: Naming your show “The Courtney Show” will only draw in people like your mom and your yoga teacher. To have a show that attracts new listeners daily, you need to call your podcast something that describes the point and topic of your show. For example: “The Skin Warrior Show” or “Mom Fashion Tips.” You want your show to be searchable!

BE A GUEST: One of the fastest ways to grow your audience is to be a guest on like-minded podcast shows. If someone is already tuning in to podcasts, adding another one to tune into is easy! Think of at least 10 shows you would be perfect for, bring value and get pitching!

SEO MATTERS: Even though podcasts are audio, the way you title and describe your show needs to be search engine optimized! Use websites like Tube Buddy and Google Search Console to figure out the best way to title your shows to get new listeners binge listening and subscribing for more.

BE AUTHENTIC AND VULNERABLE: True fans come from connecting with you and building that like, know and trust factor. People tune into podcast shows to connect and get deep. Never be afraid to tell the stories and open your heart to your truth when recording episodes. Creating diehard fans comes from sharing embarrassing moments, your transformational journey and real-life run ins.

VALUE LISTENERS TIME: It can be easy to gab and gab but remember your listener has tuned in for VALUE and entertainment. Think of your ideal listener and where he or she is tuning in and how much time it takes to do these tasks. Podcast listening time can be anywhere from 10-90 minutes! This all depends on who your target listener is and how much time they have to tune in. People often listen while driving to work, picking up their kids, cleaning the house and cooking.

Are you reading this and feel ready to start your very own show?

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