Are you someone who wishes you could practice what you learned in yoga/meditation class off the mat? Tune into this episode with Jona Genova and learn how she let her intuition guide her to share her gifts, speak up and in turn experience an abundance of success! Jona shares insight and information about Tibetan practices, bringing meditation off the mat and her journey to sharing her gifts as an ESP. We talk about different ways to get in tune with your intuition, a little about the clairs, crystals and of course all things spiritual!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to know if you are an Emotionally Sensitive Person (ESP) and what to do to handle life and situations
  • Why using your intuition as a success guide can be your greatest gift and what to do if you start feeling insecure what to do about it
  • How to step into your power and fully embrace it and trust when your time is right
  • About Tibet meditation and how you can use visualization and aspiration to benefit not just yourself but the world around you
  • What to do if meditation is painful and something you avoid even though you know you need it
  • How to find alignment within yourself to open up your intuition

Questions I Ask:

  • How did your journey start with meditation and energy work?
  • What does meditation mean to you?
  • What can you do if you know or are a highly sensitive person?
  • What is something you wish people knew about meditation practices?
  • How would one know if you were a HSP?
  • How did you discover your clairs?
  • What does Fit Fierce and Fabulous mean to you?

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Jona is an energy healer and meditation teacher that brings more than 20 years of devoted study and practice to her work. Jona’s practice is rooted in the idea that her compassion, meditation, and self-healing work “On the cushion” can translate to an individual’s life “Off the cushion”.

Jona is the founder of Samadi for Peace which offers workshops, classes, and compassion training. Jona has also created a well-respected Reiki certification program and a course combining energy healing, crystals and meditation which has been featured on MSN, Good Morning America, and the Associated Press.

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