What you will learn in this episode:

  • The truth about restrictions and yo-yo dieting: How limitation is not always the answer
  • The dangers of dieting pills and the violent aftermath of falling into the “Lose Weight Fast” experiments and healthier alternatives
  • How hormones are a significant component in your overall wellness
  • How to still enjoy your life while making healthy choices
  • How enjoying yourself during special occasions or taco days prevents extreme habits.

Questions I Ask:

Listen to the Episode:

Learn More About Jessica:

Jess Suchan is a board certified Holistic Health Coach with a simple philosophy that looks at life from an un-diet perspective focusing on whole, nourishing, and nutrient-dense foods. After 10+ years of yo-yo dieting, a stressful career and debilitating migraines, all of her ups and downs led her to create a more balanced life filled with real foods that taste amazing and exercise that’s always enjoyable. She finally broke FREE from restriction, migraines, and marketing and has made it her mission to share this BLISS with her clients and with you because life is meant to be lived ALL of the time, not just some of it!

Connect With Jessica:

Website: bodyblissbyjess.com 

Instagram @bodyblissbyjess

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