As an entrepreneur, it can be tough to stay productive with an ever-growing to-do list but on this episode of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous podcast I want to show you how I stay productive and the steps, I have taken to grow my business this year. I started my fitness business over 10 years ago and while I am not teaching classes or taking clients anymore I had to learn the power of social media to build my business.  The problem was I started to chase all of the shiny objects thrown my way and did what most of us do and that is trying to do it all. After many failed attempts I realized that only a few key things really helped me grow my business and those things weren’t another funnel, a Facebook AD or a special software, they were actually connecting with my soulmate clients. Once I determined this was the best way to grow I started to do just that and stopped chasing all of the shiny objects.

I soon realized I had a little system that helped me go from working from 4 AM to 10 PM to working just a few hours a day. This all came to me when I traveled for a few weeks and realized nothing changed in my business because I did these three things every single day.

How to Be More Productive

3 Easy Ways to Become Productive Today

  • Money Making Activity: It can be so easy to get caught up in our to-do lists and not focus on the one thing that makes us a business, making money. I always teach my clients to start here so that the rest adds up versus spending countless hours to not make one sale or offer that day. Before I get on social media or start going LIVE I do one money making activity which can include things like following up with potential clients, going through my invoices and seeing which have not been paid and making phone calls with brands and companies.
  • Connect Spiritually: Mindfulness helps you focus. I connect to myself spiritually every single day because it stops me from mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, chasing shiny objects and making choices that amplify my business offerings. When you take a moment to appreciate what you have and to get clear on where you are headed it becomes so much easier to stay focused on the tasks at hand. I have shared some of the key things I do to get connected in my post about breathing techniques and how meditation helped me conquer my fears.
  • Plan Your Content: Before you get caught up in “what to post” try thinking of your end goal for the month. Each month should have a goal whether that be to get new clients, become a thought leader in your industry or launch a program. Once you solidify what that one goal is you can plan your content to lead up to your offerings which makes it easier for you to not spend half your day figuring out “what to post.” I always work backward and try to take my soulmate clients on a journey with my content and spend a few hours a month planning this content to make it a no-brainer for me. I use an app called Planoly to help me configure my posts and write out my captions ahead of time.

For more on how I became 10x more productive be sure to tune into the latest episode of The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast.

Productivity Hacks That Work for Success In Business

I Want To Know…

  • What are some tips you have for becoming more productive?