Breathe! Just Breathe! Join Courtney Bentley as she teaches the magic of mixing meditation into your business! Have you ever gotten work-related anxiety? Maybe your client canceled, the wrong email was sent, or your proposal meeting didn’t go as planned? Have no fear! Meditation is here! Courtney explains how to conquer limiting beliefs through this mindful practice, and the best part? ¬†You can do it anytime, anywhere! At lunch, at your desk, even in your car before you start your workday! Whether you’re clearing your mind for an important meeting, or simply wanting to recharge before that client consult, meditation will get you out of that frustrating funk and back to business in no time!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to conquer business anxiety, tensions, and fears
  • How to set intentions for the day
  • Tips to stay grounded, recharged, and focused
  • The significance of scheduling meditation into your work day
  • How meditation helps organize the mind

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