4 Ways to Grow Your Tribe

Are you ready to make an impact in the world? It is your time! I want to share with you how to reach your full potential through tribe building. What is a tribe in business? How do you grow it? From podcast interviews to creating your movement, giving back, and more, this video will steer you on the perfect path to reach your audience!

4 Tips to Grow Your Tribe as a Health Coach

  • Create a Meetup.com
  • Volunteer and give back to your community
  • Be a Guest on Podcasts
  • Collaborate and join forces

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why being a guest on a podcast can be a sure fire way to grow your tribe, learn more at purposefulpodcastguest.com
  • How to create a movement that attracts your soulmate tribe members
  • How to create a meetup.com group that brings like-minded¬†people together in a fun way
  • Why supporting a cause that aligns with your values can be your sure fire way to align your soulmate clients to your business

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