3 Ways to Grow Your Email List for Health Coaches

How do you capture emails? From podcasting, to hosting a masterclass, adding value, and more! I had the hardest time when I started my business growing my email list. It was like 1 email a day plus 1 unsubscriber which left me wondering how in the heck I was going to grow my list. Your business is in your list and knowing how important building my list was I spent a year dedicated to list building. While that might sound like a lot of effort it was WORTH it once I saw the results.

I wanted to share with you these 3 tips so that you could start to build your list without spending any money and securing the type of email subscribers you truly are after. The size of your list matters but what matters most is the type of person who is excited opening your emails!

3 Tips to Build Your Email List

  1. Be a Guest on a Podcast: This method worked so well for me I wanted to share with others exactly how to do it and grow your business quickly so I created a course called Purposeful Podcast Guest to do just that.
  2. Host a Masterclass: I love teaching skillsets and I decided to create a masterclass that taught others how to start their very own podcast! This masterclass was an hour long and very detailed and although I taught it for free it was a great list builder for me and helped me to secure my ideal clients and connect with them in a deeper meaningful way.
  3. Using a Value Post and Asking for an Email: Nowadays people crave value and are over the cute photo of you without a captivating caption. Draw people in by giving value and then sharing that if they want more they can subscribe to your email list!


3 Ways to Grow Your Email List for Health Coaches

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