Casey Jade is a solo freelance artist, and independent business owner based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Casey not only offers photography, but an array of services ranging from, wardrobe styling, artistic direction, access to a professional hair and makeup team, and special combination packages for women of all ages. Casey inspires women to seek out their fierce and feminine sides with boudoir, and strongly believes that exuding sensuality is the core of confidence!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to properly pose to showcase your best features
  • The beauty of boudoir, and what it actually is
  • How photo shoots can boost your confidence
  • How choosing “Change” is key to living your best life
  • The importance of finding your niche in the business
  • How to discover your inner vixen in front of the camera

Learn More About Casey Jade:

I’m addicted to loud music, I cherish animals and I love empowering other women by capturing their beauty and true essence. I’m a lovable, friendly and creative old soul. A rare gem with special gifts and I’m grateful for everything in this life. I cherish every person I come across as I know we are all born worthy and with everything needed to thrive. I know I’m here on this beautiful planet to do great things, capture humanity and make waves. I am constantly learning and striving for more, and I love building confidence in other women in the place they need it most… their bedrooms! You can’t build a house without a solid foundation and you can’t conquer the world without embracing the amazing woman you are inside and out. We all have infinite potential and I help bring that energy to the surface with all-inclusive photography experiences so we can bring that power to all of the other arenas of our lives.

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