Cutting the Cord Meditation

As the week end’s, I had to take a moment and reflect on it. This was one of those weeks I looked at and reminded myself of how far I have come. I worked for this, I showed up for this and I made the SHIFTS I needed to make in order for it to happen! You really can have it all, you just have to FOCUS, sort through the mindset shifts you need to make and acknowledge every WIN that comes your way!

In order to make those shifts happen sometimes, we need to dive a bit deeper into our mindset and see why we aren’t taking action on our dreams. A lot of times it’s an old story, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a family member, someone that said/did something that changed the way we saw ourselves. These people taught us a lesson and while painful or traumatic understand that these things happened FOR you not TOO you and that you can easily cut the cord when you are ready.

The cutting of the cord meditation is not new, I have done many versions of this meditation but for some reason, I was called to write my own so I did. I shared it LIVE in my last New Moon workshop and decided to share it with you in this weeks FFF Mini-Podcast!

For many years I allowed my ex-boyfriend who physically and emotionally abused me to be left in my mindset. Whenever I went to speak in front of an audience I would remember him making fun of my outfit, whenever I would go try something new I would think of him telling me how weird I was. It wasn’t that I missed or cared for my ex-boyfriend, trust me good riddance, but it was the story I would tell myself when I wanted to try something new or put on a purple fur coat that stopped me from doing so many things that make me feel fabulous.

Raise Your Value Vibration

I did this very meditation and noticed how my style evolved to more fun and vibrant items, I noticed how I would allow my funky laugh to shine and just the way I held myself was that much more FABULOUS! As you do this meditation, I want you to FORGIVE and send LOVE to that person and imagine how it will feel to let go of that energy exchange. You will feel lighter, you will vibe higher and you will see yourself SHINE!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to literally cut the cord from energy vampires and set yourself free
  • Why you need to take the time to cut the energetic cords and WHY it will help you think with more clarity
  • How to do it and why you need to take the time to

Listen to the Episode: