I have always been the girl to just do it.

In 2018, We have the opportunity to learn how to do anything. With YouTube, Google, and websites that have teachers that can teach you how to do anything, you really have no excuse not to do or pursue your goals. A lot of times we let technology get in the way, we let the “not knowing enough” stop us from pursuing our dreams which is exactly why I was called to record this episode. I get asked often how I figured it out and the honest answer is I just googled it. From creating Youtube videos to formatting my very first fitness program to put online, I googled and researched just like anyone else can do.

I’m the kind of girl who just does things.

People often ask me how I figured out my podcast, my blog, how to host an event, and all the other million things I do and the answer is simple, I just got started. I am far from the smartest girl in the room but what separates me from most is my ability to put in the elbow grease and tired eyes to figure it out. If you are stopping yourself from doing something because “you don’t know how,” I want to challenge you to google “How to…” and figure it out! You would be surprised at how many tutorials there are for free on Youtube with step by step instruction on how to do something. Yes, it takes time, it takes work but if you really want to accomplish your goals you will be willing to do what it takes!

In this Episode:

You will learn how to manifest what you want in life by actually doing it with effective ways to bring your aspirations to fruition in reachable small simple steps. Learn how to get from writing it down, to research, and of course implementation. It all starts with your dreams and some simple actionable steps to make them come true!


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