How to Trust YourselfI learned how to tap in and truly trust myself this past weekend. You see, as someone who is guided solely by her intuiton, it became evident that I truly wasn’t as connected as I thought. I want to share with you how I learned to trust myself and how you can learn to trust yourself through my discovery.

This past weekend my husband Norman and I went skiing. As someone who is an athlete I figured I would be fine, my balance is great, my coordination is stellar and I had danced ballet for over 10 years. I planned to celebrate the Full Moon and release this one message that I had drowned in my brain and had that all planned out and ready.

But what happened was my biggest lesson of 2018 thus far…

The first day we arrived early so we decided to strap on our ski’s and explore the mountain.

How to Trust Your Intuition

I get off the ski lift and I ate it…
My head almost hit a rock…
I couldn’t get my ski back on for 20 minutes
My butt was so bruised I felt like I couldn’t move…

But I strapped my ski’s back on and tried again.

And failed. 

And again, and again and AGAIN…

I ran into a lady who literally yelled at me and told me how horrible I was and called me all sorts of names…

At this point, I was ready to turn in my ski’s and sit lodge side sipping on cocktails for the rest of the day.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

But I decided that I would NOT give up, I was determined to ski down that dang mountain and I took a breath, tuned in within and realized a few things…

  • I didn’t trust my skis…I trust myself but not outside factors
  • I didn’t trust nature…I’m not as grounded as I thought and felt disconnected in the snow
  • I didn’t take control… I allowed myself to just go and have a freakout and not step in and take control

This was a huge reflection as to what’s happening in my life. I need to start trusting others, trusting the world I live in and taking control of my direction and I learned all of this just by skiing and eating

Every day will show you all you need to know you just have to look inside and listen!

After that, my husband took me to the ski school, I met with Coach Marc and the rest of my trip was filled with skiing down not only the bunny slope aka Easy Street but the intermediate slope with ease and grace!

This worked because I trusted MARC, I trusted his skill sets and he taught me to trust not only him but the snow, the skis and most importantly MYSELF.

We all have the answers within but sometimes we need guidance, support and to just TRUST for things to truly align and work out the way they are meant to. Falling over and over again got tiring but getting back up and seeking support made my trip that much more worthwhile.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Three things you can do in your life to start trusting yourself
  • How to see things happening to you as lessons
  • How plowing into a lady changed my entire vacation
  • Why asking for help was the best thing I did
  • Why it is always best to ask for help and trust
  • How to actually trust outside factors and get over trying to do everything yourself

Listen to the Episode:

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