Healthy is the new Skinny Katie Willcox

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Finding her way in the wild, wild west of motherhood and entrepreneurship, Katie riffs on the new normal, generational programming, and calling bullshit on your own behavior. If there is a side of you that needs improvement, yet you find yourself in an environment of denying yourself or feeling bad in the name of fitness, give yourself the gift of this episode, If you’re interested in becoming a conscious consumer of social media. If you’re curious about what self-love truly means. And if you’re ready to shine and share your message from a place of confidence, and find the magic that comes with participating fully in the amazing purpose we’re all here to offer….this is going to be your best. day. ever.  

Healthy is the new Skinny

Some Questions I Ask:

  • As a model since 17, when did you notice the shift in your love for your body? I know modeling can be heavily competitive…what did that shift look like?
  • When did you decide to create Natural Model Management and how does it feel to be a change maker in the industry?
  • What does it mean to you to spread this message, what did it take for you to own and share your story?
  • What did it take for you to take a stand when your career was on the line?
  • What do you think about Instagram and filters, how does one get through comparing themselves with the pressure?
  • What did it feel like to have your baby True and how did that shift your body and mindset?
  • What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?
  • What inspired you to start Normal Girl in a Fitspo World?
  • How can our listeners begin their self-love journey, so many people say to start with affirmations and while I know these work what are some other things we can do?
  • What are some upcoming retreats and workshops you have coming up? I know!
  • Morning rituals?
  • What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..
  • How can we get in contact with you..

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Healthy is the New Skinny

On the size chart she’s is not a small, and she’s not plus size; Katie Wilcox, is the curvy model and voice from women in between. After dropping down to a size 10, a healthy size for her 5’9 frame, Katie was no longer considered big enough for plus-size modeling. Instead of quitting the industry, Katie decided she wanted to change it and created Healthy Is The New Skinny (HNS), a thriving social movement challenging the modeling industry and public’s perception of “idealistic beauty” that has been created over time.

Since launching Healthy Is The New Skinny, the new mom has developed HNS clothing lines, co-hosts her podcast with former fit-model husband, Brad, has been a featured speaker around the world, and founded Natural Model Management, a management company for models that represent health and an attainable reality for the average woman.

Making her debut as an author this year, Katie released her book, Healthy Is The New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love In A ‘Picture Perfect’ World, in which she offers a breakthrough approach to healthy body image by exposing the harmful media messaging set in place by the fashion and beauty industries, Katie shares personal stories and experiences as a “plus-size” model, girl boss, and overall flawed human being in a perfection-obsessed society. With each chapter, Katie tackles issues surrounding the topic of body image and helps pave the road of self-love for future generations of women to come.

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