Raise Your Value Vibration

When people would ask me what I did I would look down at the ground and shyly say I was a personal trainer. At this point I was a solid 5 years into my career, I knew what I was doing and I had clients left and right telling me how amazing I was, I got my clients results and they even referred friends but for some reason, I thought I wasn’t a good enough trainer…

Why did I feel this way?

Why was I not standing tall and proud and sharing my success stories?

These were questions I would always ask myself when leaving a networking event and I would always say to myself OK next time I will stand tall and share what I do with pride.

But again I would fall back into my old behavior and pattern and sink low when someone asked me what I did.

The problem was clear to me, I didn’t VALUE myself.

VALUE isn’t always about a dollar amount although it does relate. You see, I was always comparing myself to other trainers, I always felt like I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or had a nice enough butt (true story) so I felt like no one would take me seriously when I said I was a personal trainer. I often thought people were judging me the minute I said that so I would hide under my hair extensions and look down and away from the real truth.

I soon learned that standing in my AWESOMENESS (we are ALL AWESOME) was exactly what I needed to do in order to do what I LOVE to do so much! This confidence has done so much for me in terms of HOW I show up in the world and HOW people respond to me. I was so inspired to share with you how I FOUND my VALUE and how you can apply this to your own life. You deserve NOTHING but the best and its time you OWN that!

Raise Your Value Vibration

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to set Intentions to raise your VALUE before you even start the day
  • Why compassion and passion brings you into a new vibration that allows you to attract people who value you
  • Why you need to treat yourself like a queen and how that equates to higher value
  • How sitting in silence can help you get SUPER clear and laser focused on where you need to add more value in your life
  • How to do gratitude the RIGHT way and why the moon plays a HUGE role in this

Listen to the Episode: