February Moon Report 2018

When I saw there was no Full Moon in February I panicked until I realized that we had two amazing full moons in the month of January! This hasn’t happened since 1999 and occurs about four times a century! Talk about a spectacular year from the cosmos!


February 15th Aquarius New Moon

We get a solar eclipse during the New Moon in February and this means that the moon darkens the sun, since this is a partial one most of the sun will still be visible. During this time things like your emotional state might come out to play, just detatch and seek your inner wisdom to truly connect with the energy and allow it to flow.

February Moon reportWhat You Can Do to Soak In the Energy:

Detach from The Outcome: Aquarius is an air sign and is the most detached sign of all. Allow your logic to come forward and detach from the sudden emotion that might hit during the eclipse. Focus on grounding yourself during this air sign and doing a deep meditation on the connection within. When you trust and allow like I did with skiing this past month you can go with the flow versus getting worked up when what you thought was supposed to work out did not. 

Be True to You: This was a hot topic last year and something I truly noticed a shift within not only my own life but those around me. The vibration of trying to keep up with what’s hot has fizzled out and people are looking for more meaningful connections and authentic ones that are deep. Stand your ground, allow yourself to be you and don’t try to do or talk about what’s popular. Imagine yourself AUTHENTIC and true, don’t deny your weirdness and allow it to shine. People want to see you so let them!

Invent Your Idea ALREADY!: Do you have something you want to invent? This is the time to move forward with this invention or a new solution to a problem. If you find yourself saying “I should invent that,” then do it! If you feel like you are spinning your wheels this is the time to step out and look at any problem you have with a new solution or answer. I hope to see your ideas in The Fit Fierce and Fabulous podcast group! 

DonateTracy McCubbin all about decluttering and how to get started.If you need to start clearing out your closet, check out my latest episode with She also talks about mindful donating to help you get motivated to dump the clothes, junk drawers and furniture you no longer need.  This sign is all about creating a better society so this is a great time to give back an connect sociably and have fun while doing it. During this time I try to find a cause I want to support and really aim to give as much as I can time, object and financial wise!

Moon Report for February 2018

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