Freedom From Failing Episode

As someone who just goes for it in business, I have honestly failed more times then I can count.

Yes, I have failed. HARD.

Many people see the glamours side of entrepreneurship and don’t realize that there is failure involved and most don’t even start out of fear of failure altogether. Yes, you are going to fail, you are going to have WTH moments but in the midst of it, all failing is just an obstacle you can overcome and come out stronger than ever. The most successful people fail and fail again but what they do differently is trying again. Freedom from failure is an emotion you can break free from but will experience, it is just apart of the entrepreneurial journey. This episode was so inspiring to me and I had to publish it in January as I know many of you are ready to work on your goals and I want to inspire you with Galit’s empowering insight!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What to do if you feel stuck in your current job, situation or life choices
  • How to find time to build a business when you are working full time
  • How to value your time and find your passion
  • Learn the difference between red flags and resistance, the sexy side of support, and the value of failure
  • Why you should ask fear to trust you
  • Learn how to toss excuses in the trunk, let support ride shotgun, and keep fear from being a backseat driver

Overcoming Fear in Business

Some Questions I Ask:

[9:15] How can one find the time with a busy life and a full-time job start a side hustle?

[10:45] What does the first step look like when starting an entrepreneurial journey…

[13:45] Do you experience any failures or fears?

[14:55] How to look at your fears and obstacles as opportunities…

[15:10] When did you decide to become a coach around this, can you tell us a story…

[18:55] Why you need support when trying to make your dreams come true

[19:12] What mindset tips can you give us to get out of our way?

[21:02] How can you tell the difference between fear or failure and a bad idea?

[25:35] Is failing really part of the process?

[28:40] Why you shouldn’t worry if someone is doing the same thing as you and how to make a business work

[36:00] How anxiety fits into your business and how do handle it when taking risks

[36:15] Morning rituals…

Resources We Talk About:

  • Galit’s Fear of Failing MasterClass:
  • Flow Dreaming

Listen to the Episode:

Learn More About Galit Ventura Rozen: 

Galit Ventura Rozen

Galit is a successful entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker, and philanthropist dedicated to empowering women through her mentoring and workshops.

An expert in self-improvement for women and women in business, Galit graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 1995 and in 2016 she graduated with Honor’s from Northcentral University having obtained her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She combines her unique skills to deliver business mentoring, speaking engagements and interactive workshops to help women accomplish their goals and desires, break through fear, effect lasting change, employ motivated teams, increase revenue, and build lucrative businesses from the ground up.

Having been influenced by entrepreneurial parents from a young age, Galit became a licensed real estate broker and founded her own commercial real estate company in 1999. Balancing her professional life with motherhood, she has grown it to be one of the most reputable agencies in Las Vegas with a solid team of real estate professionals. In addition to a variety of other successful ventures, Galit also works as an independent business consultant.

2017 My Vegas Magazine Top 100 women of Influence,  2017 Silver state Awards Nominee for Best local Motivational Speaker/Coach and 2017 Women of Chamber finalist for the Athena Award in Leadership. A recipient of the Excellence in Volunteerism Award by Beauty In/Beauty Out Awards in 2014, a two-time finalist in the Women of Distinction Award by NAWBO and a named Unsung Hero by Las Vegas Sun, Galit generously volunteers her time as a Board Member of the Women’s Philanthropic Council, The Shade Tree and Beauty In Beauty Out.

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