For the first five years of my business, I was a chicken with her head cut off. It wasn’t until I wound up half dead in a hospital bed in Bangkok Thailand that I realized I needed to slow my roll. Although I loved what I did for work and loved helping clients reach their weight loss goals, I was completely drained working long hours, running around high on caffeine and constantly burning out my mind, body and my soul. It wasn’t until I realized this was common amongst other female entrepreneurs that I decided I would find a solution to this problem. It landed me in the hospital and I made it my mission to hack my wellness so I could serve at my highest level and still make room for taking care of me.

I was inspired to write this post after spending the last three days doing intense VIP’s with clients and getting my group coaching program together for its launch in February! All of the creative female entrepreneurs I have spoken with are struggling with balancing their dreams with their ever-growing business and since I have been there and found a solution I wanted to share with you these tips.

Wellness in Your Business and Life

5 Ways to Create More Wellness in Your Business and Life

  • Meal Prepping Ninja Hacks: Taking time to meal prep will save you time, money and the frustration of trying to figure out what to eat. I put half of my slow cooker meals in the freezer to pull out during the week for an instant healthy meal. Frozen veggies also save me the hassle of washing and prepping my vegetables plus they last forever! This saves me so much time and allows me that time to enjoy meals with my husband without tons of time in the kitchen!
  • Move Daily: Movement creates magic in your life and when you take a moment to move your body whether it’s 10 minutes or 60  minutes you will instantly feel a difference in your energy and the enthusiasm you put towards each and every project. Wellness comes from balance in your business and life. Exercise has saved my life and allows me to show up in my life and business fully charged, healthy and free of stress.

How to Get Confident With Your Goals

  • Self Care Time: Everyday I take a moment for me. No matter what my day looks like I will wake up a bit earlier and take a moment for me. I am the most important person to myself and by taking care of me I can show up for everyone else. For me, this means taking a moment to review my goals, bounce on my rebounder with affirmations, sit in silence for meditation and enjoying a tea break throughout my day! Find what makes you happy and stick to making it a habit every single day.
  • Breath: So many entrepreneurs run around holding their breath. This causes anxiety and stress without actually experiencing a stressful moment. I remember when my acupuncturist taught me how to breathe how quickly I felt release around my anxiety! We constantly forget to breathe since we are running around serving others but without fresh oxygen, our bodies instantly go into panic and anxiety mode. Take a moment throughout your day to check in and take some deep breaths. In just a few seconds you can calm your nerves, take down your stress levels and show up relaxed to each and every appointment! Imagine that! Reclaim your power, regroup your thoughts, and recenter yourself.

  • Nourishment: Nourishing your body is SO important. Not only will it help you not take sick days, but it will help you glow and show up confident and vibrant. I have many clients tell me that after they clean up their diet they notice their mood change and their energy levels rise up to a more natural level! Imagine a few shifts in your diet changing how you feel day to day! For so long I suffered from gut health problems and it took me out of my business so much I decided to do something about it. I found out that Thryve had a gut health test I could do at home to save me massive amounts of time so I took it and learned so much about my gut I was able to make certain changes to improve my diet. I also got their amazing probiotic that is easily digestible and has 15 strains of bacteria plus 100 B CFU’s!  I have noticed the biggest shift in my gut health and finally feel like I can spend an entire day focused on my business and not on my upset stomach! Take a look at some of my go-to supplements and snacks for quick ideas on how you can shift your diet with ease and without sacrificing taste!

Healthy Lifestyle for Entrepreneurs

My Go-to Supplements:

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