How to Create an Abundant Lifestyle

Feeling like you are lacking abundance in your life? Like you can’t get ahead?

That was me for years. I would block any type of flow in my life and be constantly struggling to bring in more! I finally realized I was the reason I wasn’t getting an abundance of clients or an easy flow of money so I decided to change a few things and fix my mindset.

After I did this many opportunities came into my life, my soulmate clients started to appear and the world I had dreamed of, one of abundance, started to pour in.

I created this episode out of an act of inspiration when I noticed my life start to shift. I wanted to create this post for you to show you how you can start to create more abundance in your life.

How to Create More Abundance in Your Life

4 Tips for More Abundance in Your Life

  • Upgrade Your Lifestyle: When I started to upgrade my life, I noticed what happened around me started to upgrade as well. I started doing things like getting my nails done, signing up for a monthly facial, wearing my best jewelry and clothes, and really taking care of myself. As I started doing these nice things for myself, I began to notice potential clients and opportunities started to offer me more money. What you put out in the world reflects back to you so make sure you are showing up how you want to be treated.
  • Honored My Body: It can be easy to look in the mirror and start nitpicking your body but what if instead, you started to send love to those areas you used to hate on?  Instead of just saying I loved myself, I took the time every night to give myself Jojoba oil hand and feet massages.The baths I took got some candles and bath bombs and I started to wear silk pajamas to bed. When you honor your body your confidence will soar, you will feel so much more in tune with your intuition and have that deep connection we all crave.
    • Take Action: Before you put your head on the pillow give yourself a mini foot massage.

4 Tips to More Abundance

  • Cleaned the Clutter: I cleaned out things that no longer served me like my email inbox, my closet, old things from my ex-boyfriend’s, whatever reminded me of something achy or gave me a weird emotion. Without explanation or guilty feelings, I simply got rid of it. I made amends and told myself that I could sell these items on Poshmark to save money for one thing I really wanted. Energetically I cleared out my closet and in return, I got some fast cash!
    • Take Action: Choose one drawer, inbox, room a day to clean out and purge!
  • Trusted In the Universe: I started to trust. When you are so anxious and always looking for the next big thing or feeling like what you have now is not enough, you stop the flow. When I step out of my flow I notice myself getting into a comparison trap and feeling like what I am doing isn’t going anywhere and this reflects big time. When I start to notice these thoughts, I stop myself and start thinking about how awesome I am and remind myself that the universe totally has my back!
    • Take Action: Write a letter to yourself of all the amazing things you have done this month!

Abundant Lifestyle

Allowing flow is key in your life, you have to trust that all is in your best interest and that if you show up with your standards high and clear of clutter you will soar in 2018!

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So I wanna know…

  • What action are you going to take this week to create more abundance in your life?
  • What are your favorite acts of luxury?

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