Understanding Your Hormones

As someone who was a chronic under-eater and doing double workouts daily, I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle. This is what media and the magazines told me I should do to get that six-pack. Unfortunately, this lifestyle led me to thyroid problems, no period for over five years and adrenal fatigue. After moving to Bangkok, I learned that my hormones were suffering from this type of lifestyle. Once I learned to understand how my body needed calories, less exercise and more love I got my health and hormones back on track. This was all due to Sandi, she not only taught me the proper foods for my body she taught me the value of self-love and having compassion for my body. She taught me how to give myself permission to have some more avocado and do a Yin Yoga class versus a hardcore workout when needed.

Understanding Your Hormones

I used to wake up every day feeling like someone hit me over the head with a brick. I felt tired all of the time and I would drink 4 very large coffees every day just to function. Because I wanted abs so badly I would do cardio in the AM and a hardcore lifting session at night. I didn’t have my period for over five years and knew something wasn’t right. I was constantly stressing over how many carbs I ate and would have a panic attack at any restaurant that cooked with soy oil or added sugar to anything. This lifestyle led me to the hospital several times until finally, I had enough. I knew that acupuncture had helped my gut after years of bulimia, so I had a feeling it would work for me again. I did a little digging while living in Bangkok and stumbled upon Sandi and after meeting with her knew she could help me.

I brought her back on The Fit, Fierce and Fabulous podcast because she has so much knowledge around understanding your hormones that is so valuable. It is so important to understand your body and with half of my friends telling me about their hormonal problems I knew this episode was needed.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why understanding your bodies temperature is key and how to use it to learn about your hormones
  • Why you have thyroid problems and steps you can take to do something about it
  • Where to start if you have hormonal problems so you don’t overwhelm your stress adrenals
  • Why your supplements might NOT be working
  • What PCOS is and why a high sugar diet could be making things worse
  • How cleaning up your environment can help you
  • How plastics are harming your health
  • The benefits of rest and importance of sleep quality
  • How to be mindful of what you put in your body and how to clean it up

Hormone Health

Questions I Ask:

[9:40] How did you get started with being a naturopath and why are you so into hormonal health?

[13:31] Why do you think females are experiencing so many problems with hormonal health?

[14:35] What is going on with PCOS and what foods are causing this problem?

[15:14] How plastics are causing problems and disrupting our bodies natural functions

[16:38] Where should you focus on first when trying to balance your hormones?

[17:00] What types of hormones imbalances are there?

[20:30] Can diet play a role and what can we do about it?

[23:09] How your bodies temperature can play a role in helping you learn about your hormones

[26:33] How your blood tests can tell you whats going on and why you should only do it on certain days

[32:00] Why your poo and detox system matters…

[32:50] What are some practical destressing techniques that we can use today?

[35:15] What about exercise, should we offload or load more to our days?

[38:18] What are some supplements you recommend? Where should you start?

Nutrition for Hormones


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Understanding Your Hormones

Sandi Louise Ross is an international naturopath, nutritionist, and acupuncturist. Her clinical expertise covers female reproductive disorders and mental health. Sandi is a lecturer at Australia’s leading natural medicine college, Endeavour College, is a writer and contributor for many publications such as Food Matters, and she is also a loving mum. Sandi integrates Western science with Eastern medicine to bring a mindful approach to health and wellness.

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Email: sandilouiseross@gmail.com



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