January 2018 Moon Report

As a certified moon junkie I am pumped over January 2018’s moon report! This last year I started to share my love for the moon by sharing a moon report and hosting Moon Workshops locally here in Las Vegas. These workshops have grown and I have since done them at Gypsy05 and soon at West Elm! Who would have thought little Courtney throwing fairy dust around her middle school bathroom telling everyone she was connected to the moon would be hosting her very own workshops dedicated to just that! True story by the way!

This month we have three instances to be tuned into Luna herself and I wanted to break it down for you with little exercises you can use to make those most out of each phase. I do a more in-depth ritual that includes crystals, grids, candles, and journaling but I know for most time is sacred which is why I make it super easy to get the most out of the moons energies.

Full Moon January 2: Cancer Super Moon

Cancer signs are nurturing signs meaning they love to be motherly, stay at home, cook meals for friends and family, give and be at home watching Netflix. During this time it is important to secure your roots into your home, make sure your space is clean, fresh and get rid of things that no longer serve you in your closet, desk, email inbox and home. Let go of clutter that is blocking your energy and clear out that old junk closet that is holding energy your home does not need.

As this is a supermoon, it is important to really be clear so that whatever you ask for and wish for is amplified. I always love cleaning out space during this time to make room for all the abundance I could wish for! I see this time as making space for what I really want in my life so I really take the time to clean out my inbox, closet, office, makeup drawer and kitchen. I would advise you pick one drawer a day to clean out and allow the abundance to flow!

January 2018 Moon Report

Questions to Ask During Full Moon:

  • Is there a painful part of your past you can’t let go? What would it take for you to let this go?
  • What is my relationship with food like? Is it nourishment or am I using it to fill a lack of something else?

New Moon January 17th: Capricorn 

During this new moon, it is important to create a commitment to your goals for 2018. It can be easy to just say you want to lose weight, save money or travel but when you associate a feeling and a commitment to yourself you create inspired action.

For instance, if losing weight is vital to your wellbeing then you need to go deep into the why of why you want to lose the weight. Having a why is so key to staying true and motivated with your goal. During this New Moon, it is key to tap into this energy. Connecting deep into the why and writing out why this goal is so sacred to you and committing to this will actually make this goal happen.

Questions To Ask During New Moon:

  • What behaviors do I need to implement to honor my commitment?

Full Moon January 31: Leo Eclipse

For so long females felt the need to rely on a partner but this moon as an eclipse aligns us with an energy that shows us that we are powerful! Honoring this in your relationship with yourself and others will be key as you will feel the urge to make your opinions loud and clear like the lion which represents Leo. Eclipses happen if the moon lines up exactly with the Earth and the Sun. In this instance, it is about creating a balance between your feminine and masculine energies. 

With all this energy find the time to honor your energy by doing fun adventurous things. Leos love to be a little bit daring and experimental so now is the time to try something fun and release the expectations you have around this new thing. Let go of judgment, have a dance party, try a new restaurant, go travel somewhere fun, do something you have always wanted to do to honor you!

January 2018 Moon Report

Questions to Ask During Full Moon:

  • How can I stand by and honor my opinions in an educated way?
  • How can I play more?

If reading isn’t your thing or you want more I recorded a podcast episode with all the details. You can listen here:

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I created a five-part guided meditation series out of request through my moon workshops. During each workshop, I write meditations to help you find your limiting beliefs, set a focused goal, define behaviors that will amplify what you want and help you get really clear! I also attached a gorgeous workbook that you can use post-meditation to guide you! If you are someone who feels stuck or unsure of what direction to take for 2018, I highly suggest you grab my meditations and start figuring this all out today. Each meditation is less than 10 minutes long and are all guided with calm music to help you get CLEAR and set your vision in stone. If you are interested you can try a complimentary one by signing up below!