How to Have a Successful 2018

With 2018 around the corner I felt inspired while in Hawaii to help you map out to have a successful year! As someone who has tried and tested almost every method from books and experts, I want to share with you my tips for making your goals a reality.

You can sit and road map your year by spending hours thinking about each and every detail which works for some but never for me. I have learned that if I don’t step outside of what I have already done I will stay stuck.

A couple years ago I moved to Thailand with my husband Norman and we were thrilled yet extremely nervous. Basically, all the feelings that you would feel if you were to move to another country where Engish is not the first language and the culture is so much different then what you are accustomed to. At first, I was excited because as a Sagittarius I love adventure, trying new things and love to get uncomfortable in new lands. Once I arrived it was a different story. I fell into a really deep depression, I had a hard time making friends and I felt like my world had just erupted and I hated life. Yes, I will put the word hate in this process here because that’s exactly how I felt.

I was writing letters to my mom and my best friends saying how much I hated being there, how I was counting down the days so I could come visit – everything was going wrong around me. I was going places to meet friends and people weren’t that nice to me. The lady at the front desk of my apartment building kept shaming me and told me I was ugly. I almost got robbed by a child who tapped me on the back when I went to the ATM. I didn’t like it at all. I literally had a calendar and I was crossing out the days until our year was up.

How to be successful in 2018

My husband knew I needed a break so he sent me back to California to visit all my friends and family, get my Whole Foods fix and recharge.

As a generally positive person, I’ve always kind of been a champion and I’ve always been rooting for other people and I loved helping people and I’m very positive and supportive, but at that time, I thought I was positive but I definitely was not.

The story I was telling myself needed to change and it did. I changed my storyline and everything changed. I went from not knowing anyone to having a successful boot camp that gave back and I went from hiding behind my computer to speaking on stages. I did all of this by shifting my focus on what was exciting and great about living in Thailand versus what was hard and uncomfortable. My life changed because I switched the way I saw things. Instead of focusing on the bad, I focused on what was good.

Change Your Mindset:

My first tip for you in entering this new year is to look at your life, what are you focusing on that’s so bad, is it really that bad or is it the story that you’re telling yourself. For instance, maybe your relationship with your significant other, all you see is the socks on the floor, all you see is the TV being too loud and you can’t think. That’s all you focus on and that’s the energy you’re putting out. When you focus on what’s good, more good will amplify. It’s not overnight, it’s not in the next hour, but I can promise you as someone who’s gone through a very dramatic life change, so drastic and dramatic you can shift your mindset.

I changed my life because I changed my mindset, and that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do with mindset.

Action Plan: Notice your thoughts throughout the day and ask yourself is that the best way to look at a situation Before you enter 2018, how can you change the story you’re telling yourself? It’s a question I want you to ask yourself. How can you change that story, what does it look like to change that story?

How to Have a Successful 2018

Believe In Yourself:

Number two, believe in yourself. Sync that in. What type
of energy are you putting out in the world when you talk about the work that you do? When people ask you what kind of work you do, are you answering with confidence or a question? When you do that, you don’t believe in yourself and you project that energy out to people. You tell them, I don’t believe in what I do and it doesn’t matter. When you step into who you are meant to be, believe in yourself enough to say it true.
You might feel like you are evolving right now and you probably are. You will always be growing and learning but believe in what you are doing so others understand what it is that you do. Do you believe in yourself and what you can do and what you can accomplish? If you aren’t sure what you want to do just yet, start to honor your skill sets. Are you an amazing painter or singer? Start sharing!

Action Plan: Practice your skillsets and start telling people about them. Share that art piece you just created, that blog post you wrote or start singing that song!

When you believe in yourself others will believe in you too. Your confidence will overflow and you will become more and more successful along the way.

How to have a successful year

Find Support

Find support, find someone who inspires you to try new things and jump into your dreams. Having a strong mentor and cheerleader is key. In almost every business book I have read, it states that having a mentor and/or a support group was one of the biggest keys to their success. This year I invested in a program I know I needed. Normally I would hide behind my ego and figure I could do things myself but honestly, I have done that for so long and spun my wheels for way too many years. I finally invested in my future and it was the best thing I ever did. I now have a plan, steps from a mentor who has been there done that and I finally feel like I have someone that gets where I am at and how to get unstuck as I grow.

If you are looking for support and accountability, someone to help you to find that limiting belief and break through that limiting belief, I would be happy to hop on the phone with you. I offer complimentary limiting belief sessions.

Action Plan: Use my guided meditation here and then grab a complimentary chat with me here.

Get Grounded:

The fourth thing is to get grounded. Like I mentioned on number two’s point on the storytelling and all of that and believing in myself is that I have a routine that helps me stay grounded every single day. I meet so many female entrepreneurs and I work with female entrepreneurs who are just all over the place. They’re running with their heads cut off, they have a GSD list, and they are constantly just on that to do list. Many wind up with adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances and wrecked relationships with themselves. Having a grounding moment before you even kick off the day will calm you and keep your fight or flight mechanisms at bay. Instead of adding another tick on your to-do list, try checking in with yourself throughout the day.

Action Plan: Tune in to your internal gut throughout the day. Take a deep breathe and ask yourself how you feel. I would highly recommend you take a 20-minute meditation at night before bed.


Are you going to find support, are you going to sit with yourself and see what story you’re telling yourself, are you going to start checking in with yourself every day taking those deep breaths? What does it look like for you to take one of these things I mentioned today and apply it?

I have so much in store for 2018! You can expect meditations, videos, all kinds of cool stuff, so I look forward to serving you at my highest good!

So I wanna know…

  • What are you looking forward to most in 2018?
  • Do you meditate?

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