What a month! November, right? November was intense, but I’m going to be honest here, December’s about to get a little bit more intense. Let’s talk about December and what to expect for the Full and New Moon.

Full Moon: December 3rd

December’s full moon is going to be in Gemini on December 3rd, and unfortunately, retrograde is just 8 hours before this full moon, so, be really conscious of your thoughts and what you intake from others. It’s in conjunction with Saturn, and that means the full moon is in serious business, and it’s going to give fear,  deception,  heaviness, and gloom. If you’re feeling that sensation of fear, doubt, conquered, darkness, loss, any of that, just breathe. It’s going to be okay.

The cosmos, unfortunately, are not in our favor right now, but being present and how you feel, not dwelling on it, not overreacting and coming back to you before reacting is going to be key right now.

Full Moon December

How to Handle the Full Moon Retrograde:

  • Get Grounded: If you were to look into Ayurveda it deals with seasons for good reason. Winter is a time to get a big bowl of soup and warm, chunky and squashy warm foods. Spend time in hibernation and connecting to yourself. Let go of emotions and focus on what brings you joy and happiness. Go to yoga and hit that meditation mat. Take some time to just breathe and connect with nature in any way that you can.
  • Hush the Psychics and Advice Givers: During this time we face a lot of deception and can easily walk into advice that isn’t the best for our highest good. I’m not against it at all, this is a time to actually not do that stuff. It’s so easy because we’re about to start January so asking for advice and psychic future readings seem like a good idea but let them be for now. Trust your instincts and trust your gut because at the end of the day you know all that you need to know to make the best choices for your highest good. Spend that time for yourself, stay on the board and take extra care when you’re dealing with business stuff. You have the answer, you just need to sit and spend that hibernation time, listen and tune in.
  • Get Out in Nature: The easiest way to get grounded is to get in nature. Go outside, even though it’s cold, it’s important to dig your feet into the ground, touch some trees, look at flowers and connect with the Earth. If you are going on a ski trip, this is a great time to kind of go outside, touch the snow and be in the mountains. If you are going away for a family trip during the holidays, it’s a great time to get outside and explore a new park.
  • Self-Care: Take a bath and add some bath salts, flowers, bubble baths, and candles. Put a face mask on, get your nails done and do things that make you feel loved. Taking salt baths are one of my favorite ways to give myself some love because it grounds me and gives me space to meditate while in a complete relaxed state. Adding Epsom salt will detox not only your body but your energies especially if you have some energy you no longer need. Once a week, just take that 30-minute bath and root, this will really help you during this retrograde and this craziness that we have going on in December.

December Moon

New Moon: December 18th

The new moon is December 18th, and this is in Sagittarius. As someone whose birthday is December 16th and is a total Sagittarius, I’m excited about this alignment but whats even more exciting is this is a time to explore what freedom looks like for you.

How to Embrace the New Moon:

  • Time for Wanderlust: Sagittarius love to travel, so, this is also a time for travel and being free and having that wandering spirit. What does it look like for you to drive two hours on a road trip and be on the beach for a whole day? Or how about taking that trip you have always wanted to take? If trips are out of the question why not read a book about a country you wish to visit or start learning how to speak simple phrases!  Reading books about travel, reading books about foreign languages, reading books outside of your comfort zone maybe a little bit and things that you’ve always kind of wanted to explore, now’s the time to do that.
  • Take a Play Day: You want to get away from your everyday routine and your everyday experiences. Playdays can be a trip out to the museum, the library, a new coffee shop or just finding time to take new classes and explore. This type of energy brings about new energies that fill you up and allow creativity to flow when you feel stuck. Make this routine, for me, I take a day a week to just see what I feel like doing. Sometimes it’s working a little bit and then having a 2-hour lunch date with a friend!
  • Express Gratitude: During the New Moon, you’ll also want to spend that time being grateful for what you have. Look around that Christmas or Hanukkah table and feel blessed to have that one or maybe the entire family to spend some time with. Enjoy that moment and be grateful for those little things, and practice allowing flow. It can be easy to feel the anxiety and frustration around this time so simply just being and looking at what is great in your life will bring you more opportunities moving forward.

 Moon December 2017

Now that you have this report I want you to take a moment and think about how you can stay IN December instead of looking at the madness that retrograde brings. Calendar dates might get mixed up, cell phones might go crazy but at the end of the day speak your truth, be your truth and the rest will follow suit.

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Moon December Retrograde

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