How to Date Like a French Woman

As a recovered self-hater, who discovered self-love through moving her body and flowing through resistance, I love chatting with women who align with the self-love message which is why I am so honored to have spoken with Murielle. A certified relationship coach and advanced Reiki practitioner, Murielle’s holistic approach help people shift at a brain as well as an energy level to create fulfilling and happy relationships.

After this interview, I started to think of all the things I do to love myself and realized I am not doing enough. I know what it takes to step into the best version of myself and that is yoga at least once a week, meditation daily, journaling my goals every day and nourishing my body with bone broth, lots of greens and herbs. I do most of this but making it more of an enjoyment versus a cross off my to do list is key for me showing up as my highest self in all of my relationships.

How to Date Like a French Woman

How to Date Like a French Woman

In this episode, I chat with Murielle about self-love and how important connecting and tuning in with yourself matters to creating the relationships you truly desire in your life. For those of you who are in solid relationships, I still highly suggest listening to this conversation because we chat a lot about how to connect in deeper with your friendships, co-workers, and family as well. All relationships start with yourself and are a direct reflection of how you feel and how you see yourself or they are simply lessons to be learned.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to change the same mistakes you make in your love life
  • Why you keep attracting the same type of people
  • How to feel and believe you are lovable as you are
  • Learn to recognize the thread between the love you’re attracting and the stories you’re telling yourself
  • Learn how to reframe past relationships from a place of guilt to a place of learning
  • Learn how to open your mind and heart just a crack and let a little love light in, to trust you… and the process.

Date Like a French Woman

Questions I Ask:

[9:30] How did you find your purpose as a relationship coach?

[10:10] What is holistic relationship coaching?

[12:15] Why should you look at your vibration to learn about what you attract?

[13:13] Where should you start to attract your dream relationship and mate?

[15:34] Where should you focus first when trying to improve your relationships?

[16:25] What are affirmations and what are some examples?

[21:40] How judgment from friends and family can make things worse and why you need to switch things around

[27:15] What does your morning routine look like?

[29:45] What does Fit Fierce and Fabulous mean to you?

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How to Date Like a French Woman

Murielle Fellous is a relationship and self-love coach helping women move away from attracting painful relationship and align with the love they really want. Because she grew up in France her approach, which involves body mind spirit in infused with the french “je ne sais quoi” which she teaches to her clients.

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So I wanna know…

  • What did you take away from this episode?
  • Do you plan on spending more self-care time with yourself?

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