All right so what does that look like when you are about to go into a sugar meltdown? What does that look like for you? These are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself. It’s easy to say I want to quit sugar. Right? So easy just to say that it’s taking a step back and saying why do I even crave it? What’s going on here?

Reasons You Crave Sugar

  • Mind Programming: We are programmed to have sugar when something good happens when something bad happens, celebrations, whatever, sugars usually been involved. Remember when you were a little kid, and your parents would say a great job! Dianna, you did so good you got an A on your test let’s go get ice cream! Right? So now your mind is programmed to get a treat every single time that you do something good. Or, you just went through such a bad break up let’s go get ice cream! Right? The next thing you know your mind and your brain has associated sugar, with sadness, with happiness, with celebrations, and your emotions.Let’s say you had a really bad day at work and you’re super stressed out, your mind because you were programmed by your parent to have something sweet automatically wants sugar because that’s what connects neurologically in your brain.
    • How to Change: You have to deprogram that and reprogram it back to something else. For instance, you have a crappy day at work. Instead of reaching for something sweet, or sugary, why not reach for the phone? Why not reach for a funny YouTube video? Why not reach for a book? Why not reach for your journal? It’s creating a new habit, to beat out the old habit.

  • Diet: Take a good look at your general diet. If you lack certain nutrients like protein, chromium, B Vitamins and Magnesium often times your body will crave quick sources of energy like sugar. For instance, if you aren’t getting at least 25-30 grams of protein first thing in the morning you often times will end up crashing later on in the day. I have noticed many times my clients who eat oatmeal or toast tend to crash right around 2 PM because their insulin levels get a push-up and dive back down without satiety. B Vitamins convert nutrients to energy so if you lack those it is difficult for your body to shuttle all of the key nutrients your body needs for digestion and magnesium is a mood booster as well as chromium. Get either a nutrient panel from your doctor or look at what you are eating throughout the day and make sure you are hitting your macro and micronutrient targets.

  • Gut Health: Antibiotics, stress, caffeine, sugar overload, toxins, and alcohol all have effects on our gut lining. Without a strong gut alignment things like candida (yeast overgrowth) and low energy can occur causing us to reach for more sugar then we would like to admit. Making sure you have a strong gut will help you with everything including digesting and energy levels. If you are someone who has taken a lot of antibiotics, is stressed out all the time and has digestion issues you may want to look into things like digestive enzymes and probiotics/probiotic-rich foods to help your body function properly again.

Now that you have these three key factors to focus on, take a moment and think about one small change you can make moving forward to help realign your health back and make the changes you wish to make for your health and wellness.

How to Make a Change

I created a 4-week group coaching program all about breaking up with sugar and want to invite you to join the party if you are stuck and looking for a mind, body and soul connection that will free you from the sugar cycle. So often we think we will find the answers but a lot of times its being asked the right questions, zeroing in and focusing on yourself for 4 weeks straight that sparks the change you wish to make.

The Break Up With Sugar Program Includes:

  • A 4-week course that will teach you the tools you need to break down these habits for what they are and exactly how to handle them.
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls to assist you with any questions you might have concerning the lessons or your individual questions around breaking up with sugar.
  • A 4 Week Workout program that you can do in the comfort of your own home
  • Access to a Meal Prep course so that you may learn my ninja hacks for crafting delicious healthy meals every day!
  • Access to over 100+ recipes that are quick and easy to make
  • An accountability group via Facebook to share any setbacks you face and of course all of your WINS!

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Break Up With Sugar

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