November Moon Report 2017

I am obsessed with the moon and its phases. This post will show you the full and new moon phases, predictions and what to do during the Full and New moon of November 2017.

If you missed October and September’s Report, I definitely recommend tuning into October’s because October’s New Moon is syncing with November. Make sure to listen to October’s even if it’s past October because it’s so important to understand where October’s moon phases were, and where they are today in November.

November Moon Report

Full Moon: November 4th in Taurus

The energy of this Full moon is steady and earthy. In my head, that means grounding. There are certain moon phases where you want to be sexy, and feminine, wild, free, and creative and then there are moon phases where you need to focus on being more grounded.

  • Reconnect and Ground: For this month, it is especially essential that you get grounded, and you reconnect on a deeper level with your friends, loved ones, coworkers, or people that maybe you want to become closer with. This is the time for you to reach out, set those coffee date appointments, ask those questions that develop deeper connections, share some truths with them, speak your truth, share what you might not talk about a lot, maybe something about your feeling with people that you want to get closer with. It’s time to get grounded with those people and develop that rooted, grounded, good relationship.

When you have a rooted and grounded relationship, you’re laying the foundation for things to grow. This month isn’t about the growth part, it’s about planting those seeds deep, letting those roots really get nurtured and treat them special. As we are preparing for the Holidays, there’s no better time than to reach out to someone you want to get closer with, you want to develop a stronger relationship with.

If you are a Taurus, then you are in luck as well as Capricorns, Scorpios, and Virgos. But for everyone else, we are kind of screwed up. I’m Sagittarius so this month for me, I will spending a lot of time in my office cave, probably creating lots and lots of content, and I will not be doing too much out and about, but I will nurture my relationship with myself,  my husband, and my friends. No matter where you are in the horoscope world or in your rising star, definitely make sure that you are spending those time, those extra space, creating that space for creating those deep rooted relationships.

Full Moon November 2017

  • Spirituality Practice: Get in grounding mode by really deepening your meditation. If you have been doing guided meditation for a long time, maybe try not doing a guided meditation. See what that looks like for you. If it doesn’t work, then definitely go back if you’re doing that type of meditation, great. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes it’s nice to see if you’ve developed that skill set or that connection with your higher self that you can do the meditation yourself and get into the flow you need to be in and not rely on the guidance of someone else. Again, nothing wrong. I use guided meditation sometimes. I’m actually in the process of creating some guided meditation for you guys.
  • Connect With Your Dreams: If you are psychic or really in tune with your intuition now is a good time to pay attention to your dreams. A friend told me about this exercise that really helps you see clearly what your inner self-wants you to know. Let yourself sleep for 6 hours exactly and set an alarm to make sure that is how long you sleep for. Keep a journal next to your bed and see what the first thing you think of is.

Sometimes I wake up and I’m woken up 4 in the morning, and I used to think of this as like a burden or something that was horrible. Come to find out this is the time that my guides or my spirits were speaking to me, (if that sound crazy to you I’m sorry) but this is the time where like it’s quite in the world, it’s quiet in my head, it’s quiet in my house, that I’m able to receive those downloads that I want to receive or those questions that teeter-totter in my mind. Before I go to sleep, I really like to address a question or a thought, and if I can get a clear sign when I wake up that would be awesome. Thank you, Universe! I literally wake up and I will have a clear as day answer whether it’s like a vision where I can see a yes on a chalkboard, or I’ll see something really cool that’s very exciting, or I’ll see something that’s a no; the words N. O. or i’ll see a stop sign or something.

These types of signs are intuitive and it is great to connect with yourself in that way, during this full moon.

  • Release Limiting Beliefs: During the full moon make sure to release limiting beliefs. If you live in Las Vegas, I do a Full Moon Release Workshop every single month, definitely, tune in the show notes check out my website for details on when I host these. Though you might have missed it, I will be doing it in December so definitely take a look on the events tab on my menu for details. I will be expanding in 2018 hopefully traveling with these workshops. All you have to do is pick one thing that is holding you back from living your dream life or experiencing life the way you want to, or maybe you really want to create a business and a life that you love but you’re really scared to leave your job. Just putting down those limiting beliefs on paper and doing the full moon ritual, is key to letting that stuff go. Pick one thing, burn it up, tear it up, let it go, release it; and focus on new guided meditations. Focus on making those roots with new friends, with family, with loved ones and building those deeper connections and staying grounded in the process.

This full moon is definitely the time to do all of those things.

New Moon: November 18th Scorpio

Now let’s talk about the new moon. The new moon is quite interesting; when I looked this up, I was like wow! One end of the spectrum to the other.

Scorpio is a sexy horoscope sign, Scorpios are fiery, they are the kind of people that say what they want, and they get what they want, and are very straight to the point. It goes from super grounded and meditating and doing a little more yoga, and making those deeper connections to being a sexy siren.

New Moon November 2017

November 18th brings in this new moon and I love Scorpio time. I feel the rock n roller come out of me. I love putting on lipstick and putting on heels and wearing some jewelry, and just really emphasizing my inner vixen, and owning it. Just being proud of my body, and my feminine power, my divineness, all that great stuff that comes with being a female and that is what the new moon in November is all about.

It’s bringing out that inner siren, bringing out that vixen, put on some lipstick like dress up a little bit more, wear fancy underwear underneath your clothes, just doing little sexy things like that, this is the time to do it because that energy that you’re going to put out is going to be amplified. When we ignite the sex kitten or the vixen in our body and in ourselves, we emit a power frequency.

  • Get Empowered: There’s something called the sacral chakra, towards your sexual organs, and basically, when you put on sexy underwear, you put on lipstick, or kind of like feel yourself, if you know what I mean? That energy emits a power. Let yourself emit the power, own your inner feminine, own your inner Goddess, dress up a little bit, and have a little fun with it. This is the time to do it because you are really going to ignite that power. We all want more power, don’t we?

The other great thing about Scorpio and you know cut to the chase, get down to the point, is, this type of new moon is a really great time to look at your finances. I know. For some you, you might be cringing right now. Listening to me say the term “finances”.

  • Look at Your Finances: I used to cringe at the word finances, I did not like looking at my credit card statements, my bank statements, I did not want to know how much I was spending on things, I was just like the unknown will all work out. Come to find out, I wish I looked a little bit earlier, but I did take some time last year during the new moon, picked up some books on finances, learned about the stock market, learned about where to invest my money so it can grow. If you’ve been kind of curious about learning about finances, about money, about how to save more, how to grow your money, this is the great time to do that. Read some books (some of my favorite investments books below under resources) and invest in some courses. During the full moon think of someone in your family or inner circle that you can develop a deep relationship with that is great with finances. Connect so that you can bring that energy into the new moon, and start developing those financial skills for yourself.
  • Super Charged Emotions: Your inner vixen is coming out, your power is coming into play, and those emotions are supercharged. Understanding how to see your emotion as just that, and with a strong meditation practice you can sink into those emotions without overreacting,  In your spiritual grounding time, you can use meditations to level up these calm emotions a little bit but your emotions are going to be super duper heightened during the new moon in November. Releasing your power, but knowing when to ground yourself and check in with yourself will be key. Looking at your relationships and seeing how those are growing as you’ve planted those seeds during the full moon. Know when to take a step back and listen, not complain and not be upset. Know that you will need breathing time every day, moments of meditation and mindfulness and you will be fine. Take some deep breathes and assess the emotion that you’re feeling, now I’m not saying to push down the emotion because doing that is not a good idea. Promise you. But, seeing the emotion and saying okay I’m feeling really jealous right now, Why do I feel jealous? Okay, I feel jealous because this blah blah blah, okay does it really affect my life? No. Should I be jealous? Nah. Just let it go and really being in control of the emotions you are feeling, recognizing them, not suppressing them, or pushing them down, but seeing them as they are and seeing that maybe you’re just heightened right now, and it’s really not that big of a deal.

SO I wanna know…

  • How do you plan on getting grounded during the Full Moon?
  • What does playing around with your inner goddess look like for the New Moon?

Here is the Moon Report:

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