Manifesting MoneyMoney might not be something you would think I would ever dive into but let’s be honest here but if you are struggling financially you are stressed out. Did you know that stress is one of the key factors of health problems especially later in life? One thing I know many people struggle with is stress about their finances which is why I invited my soul sister master manifestor, Ro Ferrelli, to come on and chat about her journey to abundance. As someone who struggled with money for many years of her life, I finally paid off my debt, started investing in my future and finally started to face my credit card and bank statements with ease. This was all because I took charge of my finances and decided that I would no longer fall victim to money but allow it to empower me and my life. I also made it so I could manifest money in different ways without working harder but smarter and stepping back to see new ways I could create money in my life.

Ro Ferrelli Life Coach

Manifesting Money:

When it comes to money, do you wrestle with what Ro calls the ‘purple cloud’ of limiting beliefs, resentment, shame, & anger? Do you give away so much of your own time and energy that you’ve none left for yourself? Do you ask for and earn what you’re really worth? In this episode, we talk all about how she manifested her dream home, $30,000.00 and an abundant lifestyle doing what she loves, helping other women step into their power!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why financial ease is an important, yet often undervalued, part of wellness
  • Learn five ways to change your money mindset
  • Step into the multi-dimensionality of what it means to be a woman in this day and age
  • How to align yourself with abundance

Questions I Ask:

[6:51] What is the Aquarian age and how is it shifting us?

[9:29] What does it mean to give your female power away?

[13:50] Why as women do we have such a hard time asking for money?

[14:07] How can we understand and tune into our power?

[14:40] What is a vibrational legacy?

[16:15] How can you start the shift of making money and your vibrational legacy?

[17:27] What is thought mapping and why do you need to do a thought map?

[19:40] What is the purple cloud syndrome and what can we do about it?

[21:33] What are some ways you can release and let go of these limiting beliefs?

[22:06] How does one even forgive someone? What can you do?

[23:04] My story and journey with money and forgiveness

[26:00] Ro’s Special OFFER for you guys to get a Thought Map!

[27:06] Tell us a story of when you manifested money and what that looked like?

[36:18] Are there any other resources you used beyond manifesting?

Resources We Talk About:

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Learn More About Ro Ferrelli:

Manifesting Money

Ro is an Intuitive Life Coach, motivational speaker, and writer. Her favorite thing in the world is working 1:1 with women, intuitively guiding them on their spiritual and personal development journey for the ultimate transformation. This is her passion!

She can help you get the answers you are deeply searching for, recognize your value and self worth, create healthy boundaries, embody lifelong self-care practices, connect with your Higher Self, attract abundance in all areas of your life, master the best and easiest methods of prayer and meditation, and bust through limiting beliefs and habits of self-sabotage. In other words, Ro will help you step into your authentic truth and become even more amazing than you already are!

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