Two years ago I moved to Las Vegas after living three years in Bangkok Thailand. I had major culture shock after living Thai style for that many years and had a hard time finding my feet again after growing so much in Thailand. This year I decided I would make more of an effort to step outside of my cave and into situations where I could meet like-minded women. Some of these efforts came with disappointment but I never gave up because I just knew in my heart there had to be someone out there who was like-minded and not throwing a business card at me.

One night around 11 PM I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a gorgeous brunch event hosted by Cory and Candice that was the next day and since I had nothing else going on and these women seemed super cool I bought a ticket. Next thing you know I am having the most delicious feast with the most amazing people I had met at any type of “networking” event and could genuinely feel the community vibe and fell in love with living here in Las Vegas.

So I had to have these two gems on and share with you the mindset they created together to make this movement happen.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to meet your new best friend and how things align when riding in a car
  • How to live in abundance
  • How road trips are the best ways to get intimate and closer to someone
  • How to make friends as an adult and how to use Eventbrite to make it happen!
  • What resilience means in business and why its key to success
  • How their initial ride was kind of a joke but ended up being their business
  • Why the questions you ask yourself daily determine your growth and success in business and life

Riding with Cory and Candice

Some Questions I Ask:

[8:42] How did you get started pursuing your dreams and living with an abundance mindset?

[12:43] What advice can you give to someone who wants to make friends in a new town or just out of their current circle?

[16:00] What does it take to curate these community events?

[17:05] How did the idea of Riding with Cory and Candice come about?

[19:05] Tell us a story or a time you failed or felt like you failed?

[24:45] What is a growth mindset and how does it relate to failure?

[25:15] How do you take care of yourself and why?

[26:00] What books and or resources do you use to keep your mindset on track?

[28:10] What is your most recent manifesting story?

[30:50] Cory’s choices that made her who she is today

[34:00] Candice’s choices that made her who she is today

[35:30] What does Fit Fierce and Fabulous mean to you…

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