How to release limiting beliefs

I was so inspired by my full moon release workshop that I want to pop on the podcast and talk about releasing limiting beliefs, steps you can take to start building your confidence and building that momentum so you can step into a fit, fierce and fabulous lifestyle.

One day I decided I was going to trust in myself, I was going to trust in the Universe, I was going to trust in my life’s work no matter what. This was the biggest step for me because for so long I was scared and secretive about my love for crystals, the moon, tarot cards, EFT tapping, moon gazing, and star searching.

How to Release Limiting Beliefs

I always thought people would think I had some screws that were lost. To be honest, this is the foundation of who I am and this is the foundation of all the work I’m doing now. In my innermost desires, I constantly strive to step into who I am but was constantly cutting corners and not showing up fully because of this fear. This came from my inner self, and a random story, I was telling myself every day and in every moment. I’ve done this with most things in my life from eating, to binge eating, from not trusting my intuition, and not stepping into who I really want to be. A fear of not being enough. Some of you may or may not know my story, If you want to get deeper into my story, I go into it on the first two episodes of this podcast so feel free to check those out after you check this episode out if you want to learn more. You can check out my podcast here.

As I was healing, I came to know many techniques that would bring me to where I am right now in this moment and I can continue, constantly, am always learning. These techniques are techniques that I want to share with you in this post. One of them is removing limiting beliefs and the other three are building in the confidence that you need to live a fit, fierce and fabulous life.

How to Find Your Limiting Beliefs

  • How to Find Your Limiting Belief: The first thing you want to do is find your limiting belief. The story that you keep telling yourself. The story that you wake up and say to yourself every day, that it becomes such a reality that you don’t even realize you’re telling yourself a story. This happens a lot. A lot of people tell me I can’t quit sugar. Like what?! Why are you saying that? Of course, you can’t! You can’t because you’re saying you can’t. It’s the story that we tell ourselves that stop us from stepping into who we are meant to be. It’s the stories we tell ourselves that stop us from empowering our bodies and our minds and empowering those around us as well. The most important thing you can do is find that limiting belief, and then you can tap into it. Once you tap into that limiting belief, anything’s possible.

How to Release Limiting Beliefs

Breaking Down Barriers

I like to flow in my body before I try and tap into my limiting belief. I find that any type of movement whether that is bouncing on your rebounder, doing a Fit and Fabulous workout or even a walk around your neighborhood. Once you open up, it is so much easier to let your fear flow through you.

After you do some movement you can use the meditation download below or just simply write down I can’t, then you write a blank. Whatever that “I can’t is, because of blank” is your limiting belief.

For instance, you might say I can’t stop eating sugar because sugar makes me feel happy. The more and more you write these I can’t statements with the because next to it, you will start to see a pattern. You might even look at this list and say to yourself, Oh my God, are you serious? You may find that some of the excuses are lame and it can be kind of crazy when you look at this list but be open and honest.  You have to be open, you have to be real, and you have to be accepting of where you are in that moment. It’s so important to accept that limiting belief because then you can start to do the work. The minute you start brushing it off is the minute that you’re not able to step in and empower your mind and your body.

How to Release Limiting Beliefs

Step Into A Fit Fierce and Fabulous Life

Now we are going to go to the CONFIDENCE piece. Once you found your limiting belief, you can start to shift that and move that out of your mindset. There are three things you will need to do every day to continue the work you do post-meditation and journaling.

The truth is we don’t step into who we want to be and we don’t define our limiting beliefs because we are insecure. A lot of times you might say “I’m Fine,  the way I live my life is fine.” Is fine how you want to see your life when lying on your death bed? When really you want to step into this other person, but you’re not feeling confident enough to be her. Working on your little confidence boosters every day is key to sticking to building yourself back up and living a different story.

10 Gratitudes

At night I stargaze, I do a prayer, and right after that prayer, I do ten gratitudes for that specific day. The ten gratitudes can be anything from “I’m so grateful that I had a nice wonderful chat with the person that checked me out at Trader Joe’s” to thank you for the amazing clients I have who love me and all of the work we do together”  Other examples could be, you made an effort to reach out to a friend who actually really needed you at that moment you had no idea, you just thought you’d reach out and say Hi. It can be small things like you opened the door for a bunch of kids. It can be big things like I sent those really risky emails today, and proposals that made me a little nervous but I’m really proud of myself, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to send those proposals.

How to Release Limiting Beliefs

When you focus on how awesome your day was and how grateful you are in those moments, you will begin to attract more and more and more and more amazing things to be grateful for.


Affirmations really helped me into my personal body and to trusting my gut and my body for what it needs to be able to keep up with my life. Meditation is going to look like all sorts of things for you. Your personal version of meditation could look like sitting in silence for 10 minutes, it could look like going into a kundalini class, this could look like the savasana at the end of yoga class, these could be a guided meditation which again I mentioned you can download in the link below.

When I was in college, I took a mind-body class that taught me about meditation. My teacher would teach us about meditation, and at the time I found it boring and irrelevant. A lesson she taught us if that our minds are so scattered that when you meditate imagine your brain like a filing cabinet; it’s filing everything away, it’s organizing its thoughts and it’s creating space for new thoughts to come in. Just like cleaning your closet, in order to get new clothes you have to make space for them, your mind is exactly the same, you have to create space for growth. When you meditate, you are allowing your brain to take a pause, take a moment, clear space, organize itself, so it can create space for more things. If you can imagine yourself super filing big filing cabinets, at super speed,that’s basically what your brain does when it’s relaxed and meditating. Meditation rids of all the old patterns, thoughts, files and memories it no longer needs.

Release Limiting Beliefs for Health


After you meditate, it’s awesome to say some affirmations. Because now you’re telling your brain alright, I can create abundance in my life instead of live in a scarcity mindset. Doing the meditation and letting your brain clear out all those scarcity beliefs, and brings in abundance.

Affirmations to Use:

I love taking charge of my health, and working out and moving and eating delicious, healthy meals.

I love my body and everything about it, I feel so amazing!

Being healthy feels good for me, I love making healthy choices!

EFT Tapping

Emotional freedom technique is something I adore, love, and teach at my workshops. It’s a tool that helps you release negative thought patterns and behaviors and assists you in replacing those with positive thoughts and behaviors. The cause of all these negative emotions is a disruption in our bodies’ energy system.

It feels really odd the first time you do it, and I’ve done it over a hundred people now live and in person, and I see the shift and change that happens with them right away. I have demonstrated this practice right here in this blog post about EFT tapping.

The most important thing is that you use a set of phrase and that you use the tapping as an energy mechanism, as an energy tool to clear out those behaviors and bring in positive into your life.

It’s important for you to take an honest look at that limiting belief, acknowledge it, and see that you can make the changes you wish to see and using tapping, meditations, and affirmations to build the confidence within you and release those limiting beliefs and bring in the positive emotions that you really want.

If you don’t have enough self-love in your life, you’re going to sabotage relationships around you, you’re going to sabotage your career, you’re going to sabotage all these things because you simply don’t love yourself enough. If you focus on loving yourself and bringing in the positive energy within yourself and tapping into that and tuning into that, you’re going to be able to tap into love, compassion, and amazing relationships with not only yourself but with those around you. Building that self-love and confidence is key to having anything and everything that you desire.

So I wanna know….

  • Have you used any of these techniques before?
  • Do you meditate? (Use the box below to gain access to my complimentary meditation to release blocks and limiting beliefs in less than 10 minutes)